The 2 non-online friends I chatted ‘dirty’ with

I have always been blabbering about the dirty chats I had with my net friends.
Well.. actually there were 2 female friends whom I chatted about sexual stuffs before, albeit that being history.

Known her when she was 14 and me 20. Back then, we can chat on the phone about anything for hours, 4-5 times a week. And yes, we talked about sexual stuffs too. We would ask many questions about each other’s genital parts, and made alot of teasing.
Technically there was no phonesex, though there were countless times of cybersex. Guess she was too shy to bring it to a more ‘serious’ level. And no, we never arranged to meet one-on-one.

Years later, we reconnected and Andie confided in me she held a torch for me back then. Not hard to figure but I never took action to court her that time, cause I felt I would be like cheating a little girl (14 yrs old).

I did try to go after Andie when she was 19-20 yrs old. But things were never the same as before, and I failed in my pursuit.

It all started when I received a surprise call from her to chit-chat. Since then, Winnie would call me regularly to confide in very personal matters; stuffs which even her best female friends would not know, eg; her flings with our common friends, her affair (now ended) with a married man.
Sometimes, we also shared stories of our own sex experiences.

I was never a ladies’ man, thus I am not too good in handling opposite-gender platonic friendship. I soon got attracted to her as she is not bad-looking and has a bubbly personality.
I suppose Winnie sensed it too, so she always maintained she only regard me as a ‘brother’.
Anyway, her large body frame size is too big for me. (She always joked I would be crushed by her in bed if we have sex).

Eventually we drifted apart ever since I got attached, and she stopped calling me after I got married. She probably do not want to incur any misunderstandings.
For my part, I didn’t contact her either due to my changed martial status.

Well.. Not exactly true!

What do you look at?

When a gal walks across your field of vision, which part of her body does your gaze first rest at?

Used to be the face when I was much younger (teen). Nowsdays it’s the legs. Probably due to the fact that most gals in my country like to wear short shorts, thus making the legs hard to miss.

Some men goes for the boobs, but the size you perceive may not be the real deal cause of push-up bra. Having said so, never miss out on a smooth cleavage.

Young gals often boast the best legs; no cellulite and visible veins. That’s why some say “Youth is invincible”. Indeed, gals should flaunt their assets if they have it, as outer beauty is so short-lived. =)

Mixed-gender Onsen (hotspring) / “Konyokuburo”

Mixed-sex communal bathing has been a common practice in Japan since hundreds of years back. However due to modernisation and western influence, “Konyokuburo” (mixed-gender public onsens) are now becoming increasing rare as Japanese social mindset changes.

The basic rule of onsen is bathers must only be in their birthday suits. Most onsens in the country still adhere to this rule, but this applies mostly to only those gender-segregated ones.
The Konyokuburos (already a minority) located in major cities either require bathers to wear swimsuits or wrap towels across their bodies for modesty reasons, or are accessible to private booking only.

Personally I feel that wearing clothing into the water goes against the principle of enjoying a relaxed onsen experience. I mean, isn’t it any much different from taking a soak in a swimming pool??
And the special thing of appearing naked in front of others is the feeling of losing that inhibition of being clothed.


It is said that ‘clothing-optional’ / ‘strictly-no-clothing’ mixed-gender public onsens can still be found in rural parts of Japan. However, these places are often quite inaccessible especially to tourists (like me).

I have read some stories posted by onsen enthusiasts that they still encounter women who are okay to go nude in the presence of other men in these Konyokuburo.
Yet I doubt the chances of seeing one is high. Since the younger generation of Japanese are generally more uptight about public nudity, the probability of encountering a granny in a Konyokuburo is much higher in my opinion. =P


The decrease in no. of women going to Konyokuburo is also largely due to more men not following the social etiquette of not staring at the ladies’ private parts.
Personally, I think it is okay to take quick glances at her breasts & vaginal area. It is unrealistic to expect any straight males to not look at all. Surely the lady would not expect that either, and I’m sure any woman would do a quick check out of the penis too when come face-to-face with a naked man when at the bath house. Yet, staring is definitely bound to make the woman uncomfortable.

I had never gone to a mixed-gender onsen before. Then what is my likely reaction should I appear naked in front of women at the bath? While I believe sexuality shouldn’t be associated to mixed-gender bathing, I guess it’s highly probable I would still erect at certain times during the bath.. esp when there are attractive gals around. Probably it will take a couple of more such occasions to make my body realise that appearing nude in front of women other than my wife is not a big deal after all.


Me and wife, being onsen lovers, would love to enjoy a beautiful outdoor onsen together and I do not mind other men seeing my wife’s body in a onsen setting. She doesn’t mind going to a Konyokuburo too although not extremely keen in the prospect of appearing nude in front of other men.

However, if she is going to feel uncomfortable of being stared at by half a dozen of men, which is likely if the no. of men far outnumber the women, then I would rather she goes to the female bath.

I really hope if my lifetime, I am able to go to a beautiful Konyokuburo at least once. Of course, I would be lying if I say that I’m not hopeful to encounter any attractive-looking naked gals! If no, a good soak will do just fine 🙂 ;

It’s ok for my bro to see..

Last night, my wife was changing her top in the room with the door left wide open, while her bro was in the hall watching tv.
As she was facing the room door, anyone whom walked by could’ve easily saw her tits since she not wearing any bra.
Haha.. Looks like she wasn’t really concerned about being so ‘exposed’.

Reminded me of that time I was chatting online with Alexis, she was topless and her bro happened to walk in her room and saw her right in the face. (Her room’s door lock had been spoilt for years by the way)
Alexis wasn’t that bothered either that her bro saw her tits. Of course, she did yell at her bro to get out and wore back her top though. To Alexis, as long her bro didn’t see her pussy; him catching a glimpse of her breasts is nothing.

Hmm.. Seems gals are quite ok with their brother seeing their breasts. Am I being too conservative all these while? Haha… After all my sister always wear her bra at home, even during sleep.

Comments? 🙂

At the boutique

Going shopping with wife/girlfriend has its perks too!

Was at a boutique and waiting for my wife to try out some clothes. Since there is nothing on the racks for men, I ‘parked’ myself some 10m away from the changing rooms area.
I thought I stood considerably far away, but was gifted a nice surprise nevertheless.

The curtains at one of the outward-facing changing stalls, was not closed fully, leaving a gap of 10-15cm. And wala.. a lady was inside! She most probably was unaware of the free show she’s giving. Heh..

The timing was just nice for me. When I first saw her, she was already almost done undressing. Clad in a red & lacy lingerie set, the lady spent a considerable amount of time admiring herself in the mirror. Mm.. aren’t you supposed to be trying out clothes?? LOL!

Well, I guess she does have a body to be proud of. About 1.7m tall with long slender legs; fair complexion; long black hair and a sizable rack (a solid C-cup it seems).

I had a good 20 seconds or so admiring her body. She is not-bad looking too. The set of red lacy lingerie on her marvelous body is like toppings on a yummy ice-cream. If she had been younger (she’s in her early 30s), it would have been PERFECT.

We had eyes contact as she exited the changing room area. Thanks for the pleasant view! 😉


* her build and undergarments are very similar as above photo.