3 downblouse in 2 days

I rarely have such good fortunes to actually encounter the above view 3 times in just 2 days!

2 of them are young mothers in their early-mid 30s, while the 3rd one is a young girl around 20yo. For two of them, I thought I saw the nip but wasn’t too sure of it.

One of the young mum was casually chatting abit with me; unknown I been stealing glances at her tits.. πŸ˜„

And the teenage girl has fair, smooth boobs.

All 3 ladies are A cup though. Not complaining cause their small tits is probably the main reason why I was able to look that ‘deep inside’ their bra. 😜

“I’m wearing shorts anyway”

Some girls feel they are very safe (from wardrobe malfunction) as long they are clad in shorts; be it how short the shorts may be, or in what sort of compromising positions they are in.

I’ve always been grateful my wife’s cousin Ivy belongs to this category of girls. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

Saw a view similar to below during last Sunday relatives gathering. I immediately felt a gush of heat wave running thru my body when I saw that view. πŸ˜„


Was rushing to work this morning, and threading amid the crowd of commuters.

Strode past a late-20s, rather attractive OL (office lady). Her arms were swinging in big movement (same as her large tits) as she walked, and my manhood was just a couple of inches from being brushed by her hand!

Simple, cheap trill to kick start my day. πŸ˜†

Quality Upskirts?

Had a lot of luck with seeing accidental upskirts lately.. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹


Chinese lady in early-30s. She was wearing a mini frilly skirt with folds. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one to catch sight of her triangular, dark-blue panties as she made her way up the stairs. 

It’s obvious she will zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) with that ultra short skirt, yet she doesn’t bother covering. Flasher? πŸ˜†

Backpack girl

Caucasian teenage girl. Wore a skirt of mid-thigh length. A pretty ‘safe’ length, if not for her backpack. Unfortunately for the young gal, part of her skirt got pulled up and stuck under her bag; exposing the lower half of her left butt. 
Interestingly, I did not see any panties fabrics at all despite so much of her butts exposed. Hmm.. πŸ€”

Lower half

As the title suggests, the entire lower half of her butts (left & right) are exposed. Mid-20s, dark-toned Chinese gal. Caught the view on an escalator. 

Like the Caucasian teenager, I did not notice any panties at all too. G-string I guess? I mean from that angle, I would’ve  saw her pussy if she wasn’t wearing anything underneath that short skirt. Or maybe she really isn’t wearing anything, as the gal seems like the wild type.. lol 😁


The right-angled staircase
Part of my regular commute to work include climbing a flight of right-angled staircase. During the peak hours, there was no lack of OL in short skirts climbing up the stairs ahead of me. Yet for all that sheer number, never had I once caught an upskirt, even for those ladies at the adjacent flight of stairs ahead of me.

Most of them don’t bother holding down their skirts to prevent accidental exposure, as though they are well-aware of some magical force surrounding the staircase protecting their modesty.. hah!

Ivy side boobs

In the last family gathering, Ivy (my wife’s rather attractive looking cousin, in her mid-20s) was clad in a singlet. The holes at the sides were quite big so her black bra is clearly visible. 

Not much of ‘eye treats’ until there was a time Ivy was carrying something heavy; she was pressing it against her chest in a bid to get support. As a result, her tits kinda got pushed up, and part of her side boobs actually spilled out from the sides of her bra. Naise…. 😁

Straight ahead

I was having breakfast by myself at a cafe.   Then came a late-20s, sweet-looking gal whom chose to sit at the empty table just a few meters in front of me, and sat down directly facing me. 

As one can imagine, it is abit awkward.. It sure doesn’t help that she is wearing quite a low-cut blouse and I can’t help stealing glances at her mild cleavage..

 Despite me being cautious, the lady still caught me a couple of times looking at her midriff and she also tried adjusting her top to cover more (though not to much success). Oops.. embarrassing situation. She must have regretted her choice of seat. 😜