Best pokies view in years.

It has been years since the last time I encountered pokies view of a young, attractive-looking gal (despite with the face mask on)

Location is at a neighborhood park. The 20ish, petite lass sure made a bold statement by not wearing a bra despite herself clad in a tight, white spaghetti top.

As her tits were small (A cup), they looked really perky, held up by the tight spag top. Coupled with small, pointy nips, I found it hard to not stare. Lol..

She was in the company of 2 young men and they stood by the pathway, discussing something. I just stood there, taking in the splendid view for as long as I can. It probably lasts a good 15-20 secs or so before they turned and walked away.

Did I get caught for staring? Probably yes, but not that the gal would be bothered anyway. To be clothed in a tight white top with no bra in the public speaks volumes! Lol

Friend who always ‘downblouse’

I have this female friend whom I known for many years. Me, my wife and her family meetup quite regularly, either at our house or hers.

Like my wife, she is the type who does not bother about zaogeng (unintentional exposure) and loves to wear loose tops.

Each time we meet, it is guaranteed that I will get at least a couple of quality downblouse views. Yes, so much so that I kinda unconsciously look forward to the next meetup.

Yet, while I find her downblouse cleavage views extremely attractive, many times I tend to instinctively chose to look away. Maybe I’m afraid of getting caught. Or I’m feeling guilty since she’s any good friend. Well, it definitely won’t bother me if the subject is a stranger.

My friend really doesn’t care much about exposure. She shared that she and her husband once visited a mixed gender onsen; herself went in nude. I’m not sure if there are other people in the bath though. She also wears a one piece swimwear to the pools when most ladies of our age (late 30s) would’ve worn truck/boy shorts/ skirted swimsuit for modesty reason.

She and her hubby don’t have any kid yet. Things might change if she became a mother. Meanwhile, just enjoy the views while I can 😁

Perks on National Day

A Foldover top

At the bus interchange, I was walking side by side a 20ish gal clad in a foldover top.

Her top was quite loose so I could easily look in and see her bra, and it turned out that her bra was pretty loose too. Saw some boobs but too bad no nip slips 😁

Shortly after, a unsuspecting teenage gal in a mini skirt was standing by the glass railing on the upper floor. I just had to tilt my head abit and viola, nice upskirt view. Small triangular white panties, perky butt cheeks. 👍🏻


Friend selling her nudes

I get to know a female friend has recently started selling her explicit nudes online, with her face shown in the photos and videos.

So far I haven’t encountered local girls doing that; usually they always kept their identity anonymous. In fact, my friend even kinda subtly hinted of her new online business on her social media. Perhaps she felt there’s nothing to lose as she has already migrated to another country with her family.

So shall I create a new account and purchase her nudes? Show support for friend! Haha.. Nay.. Don’t see the need to pay for explicit nudes unless the person happened to be someone I had a crush on.

Someone you know

There are tons of leaked nude videos and images online. Have you encountered that of someone you know personally?

For me, its twice.

Friend from same hobby group

There was a time we used to see each other almost every week although we are not really close to each other. Back then, I knew she does part-time modelling for photo-shoots and she been posting quite a no. of risqué photos of herself from such shoots on her Facebook. The poses and the (lack of) clothing led me to think if she did nude photo-shoots, which turned out to be true. Chanced upon 3 sets of her nude photos online, one of which showed her boobs and bits very clearly. Her boobs were between A-B cup which I used to think was a solid B. What drew my attention was her pink, small nipples and very smooth-looking vulva. Yes, she had her pubic hair removed. But since these are processed photos, I’m not sure how much truth in her pink nipples or smooth-looking vulva.

I think I only saw her once or twice after I gotten her nudes before she stopped coming for the hobby group activities.

My cousin

She falls in the category of relatives that you only meet once a year (during Chinese new year gathering). Even so, it did send a cold shiver through my body when I first saw her nudes online. It appeared that she took selfies on her masturbating, meant to send to someone. There were also a few pictures of her fondling her boobs, and other images suggested she was naked and was fingering herself though her bottom half of the body was not shown. Hmm..

Hand on thigh

My wife’s cousin was sitting causally again in last month’s relatives gathering; I get to enjoy a view very similar to above image.

The placement of her hand on one of her thighs somehow works like a magnet, drawing my graze towards it. It increases the sensual level and I literally can feel my heart beating faster as my eyes takes in this splendid view.

CNY Visitings

Most ladies would dress-up for the Chinese New Year house visitings and it’s not uncommon to catch some zaogeng (wardrobe malfunctions), esp of those gals whom wear short dresses.

This year, I got a 2-3 seconds short glimpse of the (white) panties of my wife’s 20ish-year-old cousin, as she got herself up from the floor.

Then there was this pair of teenage twin sisters; one clad in a halter that exposed 2/3 of her tanned & smooth-looking back, while the other sister was in a blouse with a fairly deep V-cut that showed us some faint cleavage (as her tits were small). Both are SYTs (Sweet Young Things), and my angpows to them earned me some sweet smiles. Lol

How about your experience for this year’s CNY house visitings?

Bag & Zaogeng

A sling bag or backpack is a useful tool for ladies to protect their modesty when they are in short skirt or dress.

For example, putting the bag at their lap when they sit, or using it to press down the hind part of their skirt/dress when taking upwards escalator.

However, the sling bag/ backpack can work as a double-edged sword as well..

Many years ago, I chanced upon such view of a female friend. Immediately, I walked up to inform her, only to get a semi-death stare. Duh. Should’ve just let other guys see her exposed butt cheeks..

The person herself

So yesterday, I DIY-ed to a set of leaked nudes from Tumblr.

Just moments ago, I chanced upon the female protagonist herself on the train, barely a metre away!!

Same dark skin tone, hairstyle, black plastic glasses. Although she was wearing a loose tee, can gauge that her boobs size is similar to the one in the nude pics. No doubt, the same gal.

I then intentionally scrolled thru her leaked photos on my phone right in front of her.. lol

Ok, I admit the past paragraph did not happen. 😜

Talk about coincidence. Haha…