Breakfast treat!

Had breakfast at an eatery just now, and the cashier counter was about a few meters directly in front of my table. 

A slender-built lady, seemingly in her early-30s accidentally dropped her change while making payment. Instinctively she bent forward to retrieve her coins; her dress opened up at the front, her bra opened up.. and viola, NIPPLE!

Brown nipple, quite sizable too, though her breasts probably B-cup at most, which explains why her nipple got exposed so easily. 

The lady was not bad-looking too, despite in her early-thirties. Been a long time since I saw a accidental nipple! 😍

Favorite group?

Just listing some of the major categories here:

1) OL (office ladies) – there’s some charm associated with maturity.. Some OLs dressed quite sexy to work too; short, tight skirts.. Body-hugging dresses are common nowadays.

2) Uni Gers – Causal dressing. Younger than OLs.

3) Poly Gers – Causual dressing. Even younger than OLs, but their bodies may not be fully developed yet. Some still haven’t shred off their ‘baby fats’.

4) JC Gers – Same age group as (3) and switch the short shorts, tees for school uniforms. SAJC gals used to be my fav!

5) Sec Gers – if u fancy really young girls

6) Nurses – One of the favorites in AV movies. Lol

7) Air Stewardess – who can resist the charm of the SIA girls in their kebaya??

8) Police/Military Gers – Ladies with gusto.