Nudists minor


The awkward situation where a few go nudist while the rest kept their clothes on. Ironically it’s the ladies whom are more sporty; 2 bared all, 1 topless and the males only had 1 representative.

Hmm.. Perhaps the guys felt it was a form of respect for not showing their bits since most of the girls are fully clothed (ie uncomfortable with public nudity)? Would probably be a different story if all the gals shred their clothes..

It’s ok for my bro to see..

Last night, my wife was changing her top in the room with the door left wide open, while her bro was in the hall watching tv.
As she was facing the room door, anyone whom walked by could’ve easily saw her tits since she not wearing any bra.
Haha.. Looks like she wasn’t really concerned about being so ‘exposed’.

Reminded me of that time I was chatting online with Alexis, she was topless and her bro happened to walk in her room and saw her right in the face. (Her room’s door lock had been spoilt for years by the way)
Alexis wasn’t that bothered either that her bro saw her tits. Of course, she did yell at her bro to get out and wore back her top though. To Alexis, as long her bro didn’t see her pussy; him catching a glimpse of her breasts is nothing.

Hmm.. Seems gals are quite ok with their brother seeing their breasts. Am I being too conservative all these while? Haha… After all my sister always wear her bra at home, even during sleep.

Comments? 🙂

About Alexis & Jesse

Coincidentally both of them are turning 23 this year. Alexis has started working and is in a relationship. Jesse is schooling in a private institution and is single, if one disregard the fact she currently has 3 sex buddies.

Alexis is about 160cm in height, slim body built, has fair complexion and shoulder length dark-brown colored hair. Cup size is 32B, and pubic hair trimmed.

Jesse is 165cm tall and is slightly bigger in size. Complexion slightly more tan and has black, shoulder length hair. Cup size is 34C, and pubic hair shaved clean.

Sexual history
Alexis: no. of guys had sex with – 2
no. of guys petted with – 3
Jesse: no. of guys had sex with – 4
no. of guys petted with – 5
When I first chatted with them, they were 14, and both were still virgins though masturbation wasn’t something unfamiliar to them.

I came to notice every gal has a different interest. I had a net friend whom was keen in having phone-sex more than anything else. There was another lady whom enjoys chatting about male nudity.

Alexis likes me to ‘dress her up’ and asking her to do dares. The former refers to choosing the clothes & inner garments for her next day of work/outing, eg; short denim skirt, white blouse with black bra, etc.

When it comes to dares, Alexis is pretty open. Staging a wardrobe malfunction to reveal her bra/panties to her male colleague; getting naked & masturbate in her room without locking the door when her family has a habit of not knocking before entering, just to mention a few.

And occasionally, after much persuasion, Alexis would send me ‘live’ photos depicting her state of undress at that time during our chat.
It is also interesting to note that Alexis flirts with me a lot, though she already has a boyfriend. I guess somewhat, I have become her ‘virtual lover’. Lol.

Jesse on the other hand, is more conservative in her dressing and less receptive to doing dares, citing “it’s too risky”.
Yet, for a gal who went to a dubious photographer’s house for bikini photo shoot by herself; having mass orgy with 3 men, who could say that Jesse is not adventurous?

Compared to Alexis, Jesse is not as obliging to my ‘notti requests’. I suppose she merely view me as someone whom she can share freely about her sexual escapades. Well, being a patient guy, I don’t mind listening and giving opinions.
To be fair, Jesse is usually quite responsive too whenever I share with her sexual experience/ naughty thoughts.