Movie. Search

Most of the time after watching a Hollywood movie at the theatre, I would search 2 things on the web.

One, to revisit the plot and fill myself in the parts of the show which I didn’t follow. Two, if the lead actress is pretty, to check whether she done any nude or topless movie scenes before. Oops..

Swimming Dress code?


Since most of the young girls in Adventure Cove (a popular water theme park) are wearing either bikini tops, or simply t-shirts/singlets with shorts, does wearing a one-piece swimsuit looks abit out-of-place? Mm.. just a thought. 

Anyway, I’m glad they are wearing the correct attire for a pool. Nowadays more people are going to neighborhood pools in tshirts, sports bra, bermudas into the water.. Management should be stricter in enforcing proper dress code. Lol.. 

Kinda miss the old days where every swimmer at the pool are dressed in swimwear. I still wear my trusty speedo trunks, though that is now considered ‘revealing’ by today standards! (Many guys now wear trunks/tights that cover much more) 

Cousin . Short shorts

In the gathering today, my wife’s cousin Ivy was dressed slightly better than usual; including a pair of shorter shorts. 😁

And since she is always been not mindful of her sitting postures, I get to enjoy numerous nice views like below…


I probably get as many ‘grade A’ views tonight as I got in the past few gatherings combined! 😆  If only my eyes can take photos/videos at will, like Robocop can.. Lol

張馨予 Zhang Xin Yu

Am I the only guy to think that the 李莫愁 (Li Mo Chou) in the TV show 神雕侠侣 (Return of the Condor Heroes) is damn sexy? Her eyes are really seductive!

Her real name is 張馨予. And she also had a role in 天龍八部 as well.


Although she showed much more flesh in 天龍八部 drama, I prefer the character Li Mou Chou instead 

Japanese school girls . Skirts

      Japanese high sch girls in ultra short skirts is nothing new. Having being to Japan a few times, I gotta say this is not a widespread phenomenon though. 

The trend is more prevalent in large cities. Even in Tokyo, the % of these scantily dressed school girls is only like 50%. And interestingly, the other 50% wore school skirts which the length reached till knee level. What a contrast!

But again, encoutering a group of high school girls in those super short skirts is enough to lit up any straight man’s eyes. 😄