RA movies . Ramming

One key difference in the sex scene between a R-rated movie & a porn movie is that in the former, the penis is never shown.

So during ramming, the male actor’s dick rub/hit against his co-actress clitoris directly- skin to skin contact? I mean, since this is not porn, would they actually be doing abit more to protect the actress modesty? Like put on a condom or something? Or the production crew simply don’t bother?

Just Bikini 16

    Luv her smile, and her body well-toned

  One of the classic bikini pics around
    That small piece of black cloth…

 I like the part her bikini bottom is worn kinda low
    Her boobs usually point to the sides if without support?

  That pair seems to be hanging out anytime!


  Oh.. Looks smooth
    Pretty girl 

  Nice cleavage


A few of my wife’s female friends came visiting; one of them the pretty gal whom I always get to see her accidental downblouse.

A pity I had to work late and when I reached home, they were just about to leave. She was clad in a thin, loose-hanging top. Although not anywhere near low-cut, I still get to see her cleavage by a twist of luck!

She was bending slightly forward when putting on her shoe. Tata! Black, 3/4 bra. Enjoyed the glimpse of part of her B-cup tits..

And so, the record of her treating me some downblouse/cleavage every time we met, remains unbroken. Lol

Cardrona Bra Fence


“Once upon a time in rural New Zealand, some women hung their bras on a roadside fence. Inspired by the sight of feminine undergarments dangling in the breeze, many others felt compelled to take off their bra and hang it from this fence. A great bra collection grew, drawing admiration from locals and tourists alike…”


During its peak, I think it would not be uncommon to actually come across ladies taking off their bras if one happened to be at that place. 

Although it’s norm that they removed their bra with their tops on, it’s still quite an interesting sight to behold. 

But the thought of some men might actually steal bra for their fetish does put me off abit.

Alas.. Such an interesting tourist attraction has ceased to exist.. But it has survived for a good 7-8 years!


Look out for..

… when encounter gals in:

1) short dress/skirt – upskirt, legs

2) short shorts/FBT – butt cheeks, legs

3) low cut top – cleavage

4) shirts – gaps between the buttons, tightness at boobs area

5) singlet – gaps at armpit areas

6) sports bra – pokies, cleavage

7) one piece swimwear – pokies, crotch, legs

8) bikini – cleavage, crotch, butt cheeks, legs & much more

Yes.. Perv, I am 😄