Just Bikini 10

   Love the small, skimpy bottom
  Who wanna smack that tight ass??
  Not big but cleavages are still cleavages. ๐Ÿ™‚
Fair, smooth complexion…
  Love the part of her bottom barely hanging onto her hips!
  I once got some ‘girl’ online sending me photos of this gal and claiming to be her! -_-”
  They could do better with some abs training. Well, just being young is already a big plus point!
  Ah.. The girl in the foreground .. ๐Ÿ˜
 Can’t decide which is better; purple vs strips

Putting on grown

Looks like somewhere in a western country

Nice lacy panties

Not sure this is a leaked photo, or intended release for the photographer’s portfolio. If it’s the latter, it sure made some impact

So the wedding photographer whom took the shot, and while the bride is changing, is a male (as in most cases)?

Reminded me of a Jap AV which the bride got fxxx by the best man on her wedding, and while she’s still wearing the wedding grown. lol 

Types. Online Chats

During my course of dirty-chatting on anonymous, online chat portals (in the distant past..)

1) The Decents – They are here for CLEAN chats; maybe some with the hope of finding Mr Right. Once they know of your intent to chat dirty, most of them will either start ignoring your messages, or turn down politely. I suppose it shouldn’t take long for them to realize to find guys just for decent online chats is not so easy after all. =P

2) The Angry – Girls who get very annoyed once they know you wanna talk naughty with them. They either asked you to ‘fxxx off’, give you a lashing/lecture, or continue to chat with you but constantly trying to be sarcastic in their replies. Definitely those type that will spoil your day

3) The Dangerous – you read the news. Those that are out to scam/threaten you for money. Be careful guys.. Be careful

4) The Freelancers – Social escorts, prostitues, etc. In short, ladies who are here strictly for business. Supply & Demand. 

5) The Fakes – (bored) men in disguise. With some experience, one would be quick to sense if the ‘girl’ you’re talking to online, is a real deal or not. Often, these ‘girls’ profess themselves to be 18yrs old, are very quick to ‘warm up’ to you online, and very attractive looking based on the photos they send you.

6) The Open-minded – The minority which every guy is looking for. Ok for dirty chats; some even receptive to the idea of giving phone numbers and meeting up.

7) The Innocent – Those young girls whom just started on the exploration of sex. Some of them don’t even started on masturbation yet. Always a pleasure to chat with them, cause they often react quite a lot to all the dirty stuffs you tell them. My few long-standing net friends all fall under this category when I first know them.