Riding Shotgun – animation

โ€œRiding Shotgun is a short film about semi-professional assassins Doyle and Abby who embark on a brand new โ€œhitโ€ adventure. What should be a quick job turns into a fight for their lives when Doyleโ€™s ill-timed bathroom break flushes their plans for easy money straight down the toilet. โ€ โ€“ MondoMedia

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20140629-215834-79114762.jpgThat’s one hella sexy animation.
Now, who won’t fancy having a side-kick like her?? Well.. At least she had wiped her….

Jamie getting married

Received a wedding invitation from Jamie, one of my ex-crushes, the same gal whom I saw a downblouse recently.

Jamie probably has the hottest body out of the few ladies I courted before; distinct hour-glass figure with fairly well-endowed boobs.

She has been a very devoted Christian since young, and I also recalled Christianity doesn’t allow pre-martial sex. Assuming Jamie didn’t try the forbidden fruits, she would still be a virgin by now?

With all due respect to the religion, the thought of Jamie haven’t tried sex until her age now, kinda excites me, esp. she has such an attractive body!
Hmm.. probably her boyfriend wouldn’t have even seen or touched her bits & bush yet? And come the wedding night, she will be…

My fantasy goes wild. Yes, I know I’m not the groom! Lol

Looking forward to the wedding. To give my blessing and see my ex-crush Jamie donning a pretty wedding grown ๐Ÿ™‚