CNY Visitings

Most ladies would dress-up for the Chinese New Year house visitings and it’s not uncommon to catch some zaogeng (wardrobe malfunctions), esp of those gals whom wear short dresses.

This year, I got a 2-3 seconds short glimpse of the (white) panties of my wife’s 20ish-year-old cousin, as she got herself up from the floor.

Then there was this pair of teenage twin sisters; one clad in a halter that exposed 2/3 of her tanned & smooth-looking back, while the other sister was in a blouse with a fairly deep V-cut that showed us some faint cleavage (as her tits were small). Both are SYTs (Sweet Young Things), and my angpows to them earned me some sweet smiles. Lol

How about your experience for this year’s CNY house visitings?

Bag & Zaogeng

A sling bag or backpack is a useful tool for ladies to protect their modesty when they are in short skirt or dress.

For example, putting the bag at their lap when they sit, or using it to press down the hind part of their skirt/dress when taking upwards escalator.

However, the sling bag/ backpack can work as a double-edged sword as well..

Many years ago, I chanced upon such view of a female friend. Immediately, I walked up to inform her, only to get a semi-death stare. Duh. Should’ve just let other guys see her exposed butt cheeks..

Lady seated opposite me on the train

Seated opposite me on the train is a tall, slender, young (late-20s) lady clad in an office dress. Her legs was crossed above the knee, granting me a good view of her smooth thigh. And since she was asleep, I could enjoy the view to my heart’s content.

A few stations have past. The lady opened her eyes gradually. I took that as a signal that she is going to uncross her legs, so I started paying more attention to the “you-know-where” area. Given the short length of her dress, the chances of zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) at point of uncrossing her legs would be pretty high I reckon.

True enough, the gal uncrossed her legs shortly. She seems to either have no cue of her vulnerable state at that juncture or simply doesn’t be bothered. Probably she was still in a semi-daze after woken up.

Her knees slightly wide apart when her legs were uncrossed, allowing me a clear view of between her thighs – Black panties. She also took a few more seconds pulling down her dress at its sides while at that position, thus allowing me to ogle longer. Haha..👍🏻

It has been a while since I saw some quality upskirt view. 😎