Random babe 5

Loved this pic! Probably cause she resembles a gal whom I had a crush on. 😍


Interesting bikini bottom design; the thin strips at the sides is ‘seducing’..

Pretty face, C-cup tits, nice hips and ass. 😁


Roundup for the past 2-3 weeks!

1) Unclip

The petite gal walking in front of me is clad in a mini dress with a hole at the center of the back. Right across that hole is her black bra, with the silver, aluminum clips so obvious due to color contrast. So tempted to just reach out my hand and unbuckle that bra. πŸ˜†

2) Lady in the que

Was at a very long que. Standing about a few persons in front of me was this lady in her 40s. Despite her age, she was wearing a very short skirt; length barely covering her ass. As she has a seemingly very heavy backpack, she kept putting it up/down as the que moves (slowly). 

Naturally, each time she bent forward to lift up her bag, I get a glimpse of her butts cheeks & white panties. It’s only a pity her thighs has abit of cellulite due to her age; otherwise perfect!

3) Massage

Went massage with my wife. In the salon, we encountered a young family of 4; the two parents in their late 40s, daughter and son in their early teens. I heard they going for full body massage. I wonder how the arrangement is like.. Couple room for parents, while single cubicle for the children? Cause massage will require to be topless. Can’t be couple room for the siblings.. Lol

Although it was a ‘clean’ massage and we were given disposable underwears to change into (unlike for my body massages in Bangkok, I was asked to go naked), the feeling was still pretty good when my butts was being massaged on.. The masseur did pull down the disposable underwear till more than halfway down when her hands was working on my butts.. Similarly her fingers slipped under the underwear as she stroked her hands upwards my thighs; narrowly missing my jewels. Haha

Naturally after the masseurs left the room for us to get dressed back, my penis was in a semi-erected state. And I was careless to let my wife spot that, though she didn’t comment anything. Oops. πŸ˜…