Just Bikini 13

    Nice curves..🤓

 A solid C? Or D?

  So big you can’t even cup them 😜

    Oh, my fair bobbies 

 Inviting posture? 😉
   Smooth complexion, and the size is right! 😁

  Love it when the bottom fabric is convering just the minimal 😍
    No prize for single out the hot one 

  Still look sizable even though they are lying down..
   Who’s your favorite?? 😊
     “Keep away! The nice titis is mine!”😤
   Oh my oh my… 😋

Body hugging dress

Chanced upon a mid-20s lady clad in a pastel pink, body-hugging dress. The dress  is pretty short, with less than 2-finger width away from seeing her butts cheeks.

Boobs size should be B-cup. There is a deep V at the back of her dress, revealing part of her bra strap.

As the dress fabric is abit thin, I can make out the outline of her light-colored panties. It’s the granny type.

Seriously, if you’re dressing so sexily, at least wear a thong or something?! 😆😆


  Saw a view like this while dining at some restaurant. A Caucasian mother, in her late thirties, was attending to her kid.

Dangling breasts. Haha.. I’m pretty sure she wore a bra as it was visible thru her translucent top. Still, the degree of exposure of her tits and the way they swayed.. suggested her bra must have been really loose! 😆