Masturbate before Sex

Most guys would agree it does help us to last longer in bed.

However, I also think the sex doesn’t feel as good; less sensitivity which explains why it takes longer to cum.

So there you have it. Impressing your lady/ lasting longer for her.. vs having a shorter, yet stronger burst for sex (for the guy).

What’s your choice? 😄

How often do you masturbate?

Below is the results of a 2009 study conducted in the United States – The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior (NSSHB) from Indiana University. Data collected from over 5,000 people.


Not too sure how relevant the above figures  can relate to Singapore context though..

For me, I fall in the “30-39”, “A few times per month to weekly” while my wife never masturbate.

Alexis’ Bali experience – Part 1

True story that happened to my net friend, Alexis.
Narrated from her perspective.

I couldn’t believe this is real. There I am, naked in the hotel room bathroom; and the 2 boys outside, asking me to go out before they would return me my bikini..

Around 30 min earlier, I had just returned to the room alone, leaving my male companions who were still swimming. We were here at Bali for a short vacation, just me and my 2 buddies.

Upon returning to our room, I checked my phone and was pleasantly surprised that Stan, my sext partner is online. We begun chatting and as usual, things started to get hot and soon, I was already naked in the bathroom, fingering myself..

Stan:”let’s do a dare!”
Stan:”continue ur fingering on the sofa.”
Me:”that’s crazy! They (my friends) will be back anytime!”
Stan:”that makes it more exciting!”

I have a weakness for dares, so it doesn’t take long before I was already on the sofa, both legs put up and digging my wet pussy.
And best of all, Stan also made me throw my bikini to behind the door, far from my reach.


No idea how much time has passed as I indulged myself in the chat and self-exploration. Suddenly, I heard a beep sound and the door opened! Looked up and saw my two friends staring at me with astonishment. I froze for a couple of seconds; hands still at my boob & pussy as my crotch presented itself in full view to the boys.

Then I snapped and quickly darted into the bathroom (opposite direction of the room door). I slammed close the door and fanatically search for towels but alas, all were taken by us when we went for swim.

My face burning in embarrassment as the boys teased me from outside.
“Wow.. Alexis, what a hot body you have..”
“Come out and get your bikini. Don’t be shy. We already seen ‘it’..”

I pleaded for them to return me my bikini thru an opening at the door but they refused.. I was at a total loss, wishing this is all a bad dream and regretted for taking up that crazy dare.
Eventually I gave up as they were really insistent. I decided to go out. They are my good friends after all, surely they won’t take things too far, right? What’s done already done; they saw me masturbating just now anyway..

Opening the door, I stepped out slowly with one arm across my tits and the other covering my clitoris area.
The boys whistled, teasing me even more while I feel their gaze running up & down on my body. I felt I was literally burning. But they did not touch me at all.

One of them raised my bikini very high. I reached out to it with one hand, exposing my tits.
“Whee.. your nipples already so hard!”

I didn’t manage to snatch back my clothes. And I sorta lost my cool by then; fanatically chasing the boys around the room, not bothering to cover up any part of my body while they darted and tossed my bikini around..

Eventually I caught up with my friend whom was holding on to the bikini and was jostling with him for my top.
Somehow his hands brushed against my breasts a couple of times during the struggle, and we lost balance and both of us fell onto the bed.

“Can I touch?”
I looked down and didn’t say a word. Suddenly I felt a hand cupping my breast firmly. Ahh.. I thought I felt a surge to my brain.
I looked at him with eyes wide open. He simply smiled.
Then I looked away at my other friend, and was taken aback to see that he is (already) naked; his manhood in full glory.

And what happened thereafter, I shall not go into the details. All I can say is that, we only petted and there was no sex. I was not comfortable about the idea of them touching my pussy, and they respected that.

Just some cuddling, kissing and fondling of my tits.. Of course, I did use my hands to help them jerk off too, and they cum on my thighs and abdominal area..

Masturbation, an open secret

My wife knows where I kept my porn collection in our computer. There was once I confessed that I still masturbate sometimes, browsing these clips/photos. She did not raise any objection, nor showed displeasure.

I suppose most wives/girlfriends are not comfy of their spouses jerking off while fantasizing some other gal.. and for that, I’m grateful for her understanding.
Again, it does make a difference whether the subject is a AV actress or a friend. The latter category was never disclosed of course =P

Yup, I never let her know that I masturbated, in case she may feel uncomfortable of it. Either way, I think she kinda guessed it too.

Just one of those things which is better left unsaid. LOL.