Onsen – Rose among the thorns

Chanced upon this on Insta (shared by one of the guys inside the pic).

No, the lady was clothed. First thing I did was to zoom in the pic. lol

I wonder how the young gal felt being surrounded by so many naked men? Moreover are someone you know, and so many dicks at same time??

Shy? Intimated? Aroused?

Mixed gender onsen 4

Extracted from a lady’s blog entry dated 2015 – My first time experience of MIXED onsen.

Takaragawa Onsen is a Japanese style hotel (Ryokan) with outside Onsen. They get many good reviews on Trip adviser.

It’s in Gunma prefecture and it takes about 3-4hours from Tokyo by car. I was surprised that it still has many snows. The area also famous for ski resort.

 They provide Yukata as night clothes and you can chose your favorite design from among many.

The place is very popular and always fully booked. Because of amazing outside Onsen! It’s the best Onsen ever. I was so excited like this!

They have four kinds of outside Onsen. The place is special, because of not only location but also MIXED Onsen!

I’ve never tried before, so this is first time for me.

Normally you cannot put a towel into a bath, but they provide special Onsen cloth (Yuamigi) only for women.

For guys? Of course must be naked! ( You can bring a small towel. No worries ;p)

At the beginning, I felt a bit shy but get used to it soon. Lol. The place is spacious, so I can keep my private space.

I think this place easy for Mixed Onsen beginner. You can enjoy with your boyfriend / girlfriend or family 🙂

The next day I went to Houshi Onsen for just taking a bath.

The Onsen has a tradition going back 140 years and it is registered tangible cultural property. This place made me feel like slip back in time.

They also have mixed Onsen.

But they don’t provide Onsen cloth and even women cannot bring towel into a bath… And this Onsen is not so big.

To be honest it’s almost occupied by men.One guy took a bath with glasses…

The place and traditional Onsen is pretty nice. That’s interesting experience. But I think it’s not comfortable for women.

Mixed gender onsen 2

Woo.. Is this a all-nude mixed gender onsen??
And the lady is no ‘obasan’ (older woman) either, as in the usual case for mixed-gender bath.

Seems like a young mum, judging from the fact she is carrying a baby in her arms.. And I guess she is naked too, as her nipple is visible in the photo, albeit faintly. 🙂

Mixed-gender onsen experience – a true account

Extracted from a young Caucasian lady’s travel blog

Yes, I was at a mixed-gender Onsen, which roughly translates to “a few dozen men and four women sitting in a miniature swimming pool -sized bath tub. Outside. In the snow. Naked.”

And apparently there’s a sort of unspoken code of conduct for a mixed-gender Onsen, one that involves rules for appropriate and inappropriate behavior. Apparently, if you’re male, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit in the bath in your birthday suit or with a wash-cloth sized towel strategically placed across your lap. It’s inappropriate, however, for a female to do the same. If you’re female, you’re supposed to wrap a large towel around you and wear it mini-dress style wherever you go. Yes, even in the bath. Especially in the bath.


My Australian friend and I weren’t aware of these rules and weren’t even aware of our mistake until about 20 minutes after we’d settled into the bath, minus a towel, (dress size or otherwise). Most everyone I’ve told this story to have interrupted me at this point to exclaim incredulously: “How could you have not realized?!” But about 95% of the people in the Onsen were male and therefore towel-less and honestly, we spent most of that time trying very hard not to look at anyone and carry on a normal conversation, (as in “Ho hum, just another normal day, bathing outdoors in the middle of winter with a tub full of strangers.”).

It wasn’t until we noticed the creepy guy who was shadowing us, openly staring as we moved from bath to bath and the group of teenagers who kept darting over to our side of the bath, supposedly to admire the river view, that we realized something was amis.
These weren’t normal “Hey look at that foreign looking person” looks, they were leers. Where were all the other women? we wondered aloud. And then we noticed them, huddled close together and very conservatively, very self-consciously fully covered.

I swear, Japan needs to come with a handbook; some written instructions on how to survive here without making a complete ass of yourself.

While most of us men would fantasize taking a soak with many young & naked ladies; the reality is, in a mixed gender onsen, almost all women are fully covered up, notwithstanding the ratio of females to males is already very lob sided.

Some onsens in the rural areas of Japan still practice all-nude, mixed gender bathing.. but I read that these places are usually known only to locals, and young people hardly go there..

Well, or one might just get lucky, as in the above case. =P