Blackmailed for Sex

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Jessie going on an adventure!

Jess had tried threesome & foursome with the men she met. She also mentioned it was coerced as they had secretly took a video of her changing and she was naked.
Sounds bad isn’t it? However, judging from the manner Jess described the ordeal to me, it seems that she wasn’t disturbed or traumatized to say the least.

In my opinion, the blackmailing merely accelerated the process as I thought Jess always wanted to try out mass orgy anyway.
It also amuses me this is the 3rd time she got blackmailed for sex. In previous 2 cases, the guys gotten hold of her nude photos and one of them subsequently became her regular sex buddy!

I see that my young net friend is enjoying her colorful sex life now. She would always be so eager to tell me about her sex stories whenever I come online. Hah.
Another thing for sure. Evil is lurking everywhere.. Be careful my friends!
blackmail sex

Jessie going on an adventure!

** follow-up from my earlier entry: “Invitation to Threesome”….

Jessie, my net friend, shared with me there have been ‘developments’… in gearing towards having her 1st threesome/foursome experience.

Apparently, she joined her sex buddy & two of his friends for a strip poker game.

While they only stripped down to their undergarments and wasn’t any touching of genital parts, I see it as Jess taking a big step in preparing herself for her inaugural mass-orgy.

Then this famous quote from the movie came to my mind…


* too bad I’m married, so no share of the fun for me!

Invitation for threesome?

Currently, I have 2 female net friends whom I chat regularly with, on dirty topics. I shall refer to them as Jess & Alexis (pseudonyms).

Jess turns 23 this yr and has gotten herself a sex buddy since a few months back… and their latest ‘exotic adventure’ is threesome sex. They have already tried a couple of times with Jess’ female friend, who is also a social escort (and yes, her friend got paid for her services)

Now Jess and her sex buddy are looking at threesome with a guy instead. Only thing stopping Jess is that she is not mentally prepared to do it with her own (real-life) friend or a complete stranger, at least that’s what she told me.

It has been more than half a dozen times Jess been bringing up the same question: “Even I asked you, you won’t want to join right?”. Although she always make it sound like a tease.. it does seem to me she actually meant it seriously.

While I continued to play along with her whenever she brings up this topic, I had never expressed a clear intent to join.. for I know, as a married man, this is too wrong.

Of course, I can’t deny the temptation is great since Jess is young & not-bad looking… but dirty chat online with gals is the max I allow myself to indulge in. I don’t even do phone-sex anymore. Meet up for sex? That is way off….