At the boutique

Going shopping with wife/girlfriend has its perks too!

Was at a boutique and waiting for my wife to try out some clothes. Since there is nothing on the racks for men, I ‘parked’ myself some 10m away from the changing rooms area.
I thought I stood considerably far away, but was gifted a nice surprise nevertheless.

The curtains at one of the outward-facing changing stalls, was not closed fully, leaving a gap of 10-15cm. And wala.. a lady was inside! She most probably was unaware of the free show she’s giving. Heh..

The timing was just nice for me. When I first saw her, she was already almost done undressing. Clad in a red & lacy lingerie set, the lady spent a considerable amount of time admiring herself in the mirror. Mm.. aren’t you supposed to be trying out clothes?? LOL!

Well, I guess she does have a body to be proud of. About 1.7m tall with long slender legs; fair complexion; long black hair and a sizable rack (a solid C-cup it seems).

I had a good 20 seconds or so admiring her body. She is not-bad looking too. The set of red lacy lingerie on her marvelous body is like toppings on a yummy ice-cream. If she had been younger (she’s in her early 30s), it would have been PERFECT.

We had eyes contact as she exited the changing room area. Thanks for the pleasant view! 😉


* her build and undergarments are very similar as above photo.

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