It’s ok for my bro to see..

Last night, my wife was changing her top in the room with the door left wide open, while her bro was in the hall watching tv.
As she was facing the room door, anyone whom walked by could’ve easily saw her tits since she not wearing any bra.
Haha.. Looks like she wasn’t really concerned about being so ‘exposed’.

Reminded me of that time I was chatting online with Alexis, she was topless and her bro happened to walk in her room and saw her right in the face. (Her room’s door lock had been spoilt for years by the way)
Alexis wasn’t that bothered either that her bro saw her tits. Of course, she did yell at her bro to get out and wore back her top though. To Alexis, as long her bro didn’t see her pussy; him catching a glimpse of her breasts is nothing.

Hmm.. Seems gals are quite ok with their brother seeing their breasts. Am I being too conservative all these while? Haha… After all my sister always wear her bra at home, even during sleep.

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