“See, my shorts are so loose!”

Wow… I don’t know whether this is considered ‘sexy’ or ‘indecent exposure’. Either way, most straight men would relish on seeing such a sight upclose, while the ladies would’ve condemned it. What’s your take?

But u must hand it to the gal for her gusty dressing.

It’s surprising the boyfriend doesn’t seem to care, not that it’s my business to mind anyway. Haha…
Personally I won’t mind if my wife goes to a mixed-gender bath or nudist beach wearing nothing.. yet this is quite a different matter.
Just my 2c worth of thoughts 🙂

Big gap

Was strolling down Orchard Road (shopping street in the city) on Sunday afternoon. Passed by two young ladies sitting at the steps outside a big mall.

They were very well-dressed and wore heavy makeup. The girls were so preoccupied with taking a selfie that one of them forgot to keep her legs closed despite wearing a short skirt.

The gap between her inner thighs was so big I could fit my fist inside!
It helped too that they were seated in an elevated position..
Bleach color cotton panties.

Had a good view of 4-5 sec before she realized her carelessness and quickly closed back her legs. Good enough for me 🙂


About a week back, I mentioned in my post that most local gals like to wear white panties. Hmm.. I guess I have to take back my words, cuz I just seen 2 upskirts over the past few days in which the gal wore black ones. 🙂

One was on the (upward-riding) escalator. The gal, in her late twenties, was probably too occupied talking with her boyfriend or husband that she forgot to cover/hold down the back of her short skirt.
Black, silky underwear.

In another occasion, the lady in her early 30s bent over to retrieve something from the floor. Happened so I was sitting directly behind her. The short skirt got pulled up; and viola – Black panties with white polka dots.
She got a small, tight ass too.

Nice luck lately with such accidental views. Lol