Just Bikini 11

   Deep valley!
  Not big, but looks smooth…
Love the string bikini bottom
  Smack that tight ass!
  “Check out our sexy killer legs!”
  Nice view from the side
  Boobies on the left looking in good shape!
  Some girls score in both the face and figure.
  Who wanna run his hand down that thigh? Lol…
 My favorite is.. argh.. Hard to choose!

3 points

1) Was having dinner at a Korean restaurant. Adjacent to my seat was the raised platform dining area. Then there was this group of teenagers taking a selfie. One of the girls, around 18yr old, decided to just sit on the raised platform. While she was adjusting her position, I managed to catch a few seconds of glimpse under her skirt.. White panties. And she is quite pretty too, the girl next door type. Thanks to the raised platform!

2) The lady walking in front of me is a Caucasian, mid-20s and wearing a short (above mid-thigh), frilly skirt. Timed my steps as we approach the escalator. Alas, I realized I still walked too fast for that optimum angle. While I thought there goes my rare chance of seeing a ‘angmoh’ (Caucasian) up skirt, she suddenly took a large and forceful stride when nearing the escalator top. The large movement must have ‘blown up’ her frilly skirt. White with horizontal Tiffany color strips. Almost the whole of the back view of her panties is seen! Would be perfect if she has slimmer legs though

3) While riding escalator upwards, it happened so I’m on eye-level with the butts of the mid-20s OL standing in front of me on the escalator. Her skirt was until knee level, and the 2 layers type; outer is white satin while inner is bleach, silky fabric. Yet somehow I can still make out the prints of her panties quite clearly! White panties with large black/dark blue polka dots. Lol.. I wonder sheiks aware her skirt is that translucent!