Just Bikini 11

   Deep valley!
  Not big, but looks smooth…
Love the string bikini bottom
  Smack that tight ass!
  “Check out our sexy killer legs!”
  Nice view from the side
  Boobies on the left looking in good shape!
  Some girls score in both the face and figure.
  Who wanna run his hand down that thigh? Lol…
 My favorite is.. argh.. Hard to choose!

3 points

1) Was having dinner at a Korean restaurant. Adjacent to my seat was the raised platform dining area. Then there was this group of teenagers taking a selfie. One of the girls, around 18yr old, decided to just sit on the raised platform. While she was adjusting her position, I managed to catch a few seconds of glimpse under her skirt.. White panties. And she is quite pretty too, the girl next door type. Thanks to the raised platform!

2) The lady walking in front of me is a Caucasian, mid-20s and wearing a short (above mid-thigh), frilly skirt. Timed my steps as we approach the escalator. Alas, I realized I still walked too fast for that optimum angle. While I thought there goes my rare chance of seeing a ‘angmoh’ (Caucasian) up skirt, she suddenly took a large and forceful stride when nearing the escalator top. The large movement must have ‘blown up’ her frilly skirt. White with horizontal Tiffany color strips. Almost the whole of the back view of her panties is seen! Would be perfect if she has slimmer legs though

3) While riding escalator upwards, it happened so I’m on eye-level with the butts of the mid-20s OL standing in front of me on the escalator. Her skirt was until knee level, and the 2 layers type; outer is white satin while inner is bleach, silky fabric. Yet somehow I can still make out the prints of her panties quite clearly! White panties with large black/dark blue polka dots. Lol.. I wonder sheiks aware her skirt is that translucent!

Superhero Run

Some time back, we have the “Justice League Run”. Highlight of the event is that participants were given a choice to choose between a few singlet designs, that range from themes of Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.. (as above photo)

Seriously for those ladies whom chose ‘Wonder Woman’, shouldn’t they be provided running suit that match more of below?? 

Now that’s what I call ‘true to the theme’.. Haha!

Cafe treat, again

At the cafe this morning, there is this gal seated adjacent to my table. She is in her early-twenties, clad in singlet & denim shorts; her figure very similar as above pic.

And thru-out my time in the cafe, she had her legs crossed like this. Got an eyeful of her slim legs and thighs… 😁😁

Accidental nudity stories 3

Posting some of the stories shared in an online forum


I go to my relative’s house quite often at weekends and they have 2 daughters and 1 son. The elder daughter is about 14 going 15 this year. Nothing sexual about them because to me these gals are my relatives. 

However last 2 weeks ago when I visited them, I had this hardon experience. My relative was asking me if i can help her install an anti-virus software in the laptop. I ok and power up laptop, realised that battery is almost flat. I ask for the power adapter and my relative told me to get from the master bed room dressing table. 
As I went in, I realised that some one was in the master bed room toilet, it was my relative’s teen daughter bathing without closing the door fully! 
I sort of frozen about 5-10 sec and got a very hardon, looking at her naked body! I went further in to the dressing to get the adaptor and on the way out, see the gal bathing a few more sec before getting out incase some1 saw me peeping. 
I was not intentional but the young body had been etched in my mind, still remember her naked body viewed from side way. Her developing breast and sight of developing pussy hair! Now getting hardon writing about!


I was at Parkway last Sunday walking near Watson’s. I noticed this young Malay Mother with pram trying to pick up her Toddler daughter. I had to stop to give way as they blocked my path. 

The little gal suddenly grabbed the mothers blouse and pulled it opened and her Right side Boob popped out. 

She has full breast with big aurora and large brown nipple. She didn’t realize it until her friend / sister pointed it out. Then she quickly close her blouse.

Woke up 1 early morning last week and saw my brother rushing to toilet to bath. Sian as I cannot use the toilet. As I was about to go back to my room, I saw my brother’s room door was not close properly. I peep inside and saw his gf sleeping on the bed in only a panty. 

She has very nice breast C-cup and brown nipples. Slim build and nice looking face. My little bro immediately have reaction. I stood there about 5 mins before I push the door wider and have a closer look. The gf is still soundly asleep. It was another 5 mins later that the bathing sound stop and I close the door and went back to my room. I had a good masturbation session.

Until now still cannot forget the scene. Everytime I saw her and it will remind me of her sleeping in her panty.

I used to go to gym with my females SYT colleagues once every week…

we usually change to our gym wears at our office first before walking to the gym (because gym was next building)… and my females colleagues usually wear slightly loose gym wears (amateur type) with t-shirt over before walking over to the gym… then take off the t-shirt off in the gym…

however, there is once, only one female colleague coming along to the gym with me (because the rest have other appointment)… and she was rushing (because too many paper works to settle before the workout)…

Then, while we reached the gym, and since we were slightly late, so she decided to take off her t-shirt on the spot (without going to the changing room)…

To my surprise, she actually didn’t change to her gym wear, instead she just wore bra, furthermore those very kinky, sexy and transparent type… i think she might be very blur due to heavy work affairs earlier..

Immediately i’d a hard-on because her bra was practically not there (totally transparent)… i could really see her nipples (pink colour) with old 50cent coin pink areola and well shaped C cup (i think)…

She didn’t realize it until I tell her secretly.. then she suddenly shocked and quickly dash into the changing room…

Still hard-on when thinking about this incident…