Never in Singapore

I guess I would never get to see any lady wear like that in Singapore.

There is the pokies, the large boobs, ‘reasonably amount of flesh’ (not too fat or thin), ultra small bikini bottom, cameltoe, and the whole of her ass exposed!

In the unlikely scenario I did, I would probably get an instant boner, and went to the nearest toilet to jerk off while the image in my head is still fresh. 😄

Different from her peers

Saw a similar view on the MRT (train) today, but with more flesh shown than above pic..😎

I don’t usually pay attention to secondary school girls (as they are too young). Yet this gal is very pretty and quite tall too.

Obviously with the amount of her thigh exposed, she is different from most of her peers whom always wear shorts underneath their school skirts. 

Too bad, not to the extent of seeing her panties though; hers must had been a really small piece. Heh..

Selling on Carousell

U guys probably know that Carousell (a marketplace app) has a feature which allows seller to post the advert on his/her FB wall as well.

This morning I saw on my FB feed that a female friend is selling her sports bra on Carousell. (she claimed its worn only once, but anyway that’s not the point..)

Nice way of publishing to the whole world your cup size! Lol 😄

Between the buttons

Was at a company function. A lady in her mid-twenties caught my attention, with her semi-translucent white satin blouse, which allows the outline of her bleach-colored bra to be seen clearly.

The openings of her blouse at the arms positions was quite large too, exposing part of her bra.

I chanced upon the lady again during food reception. She was just slightly ahead of me in the adjacent que for food. As the que advances slowly, I was given many opportunities to take peeks into the ‘holes’ between her blouse buttons.😎

3/4 bra she was clad it. I could see the gap between the bra and her boobs; but alas, just couldn’t make out her nipple despite presented with such views a few times. Probably it may be easier if she is a A-cup instead of a B/C. 😄