“Woah! Big!”

Was sitting at the bus stop, looking down at my phone and didn’t realize an attractive lady was strutting towards me from the side.

When I lifted my head, she happened to be just directly in front of my line of sight, less than a metre away.

Having caught by surprise, I let out “Woah! Big!” instinctively.

Oops.. hope she didn’t catch that. 😂 I was too embarrassed to turn my head and take a second look of that busty, pretty girl whom just walked past.. 😄


We all love a ‘Girl removing clothes’ shot, esp. when she has slender, sexy legs..

Meeting of the Pokies

Pokies pokies

More pokies.

That perfect ASS..

Oh my.. is that body paint or what??

Oops… Think someone needs more fabric down there for her trial-ton suit

Is it what I think it is?

Didn’t know bathing suits is the attire for spinning class.

I see the (sole) male classmate must have enjoyed the training session..

Escalator . Upskirt

Not about posting upskirt photos because that will be too mainstream. 😅

Instead, let’s discuss about the factors that determine whether the panties of that lady standing on the escalator ahead of you, get seen or not.

1) Length of skirt – IMO, anything longer than mid-thigh, chances of seeing an upskirt is not high.

2) Angle of sight – How one time his entry onto the escalator is crucial. But again, you can’t stop anyone from coming in between you and the subject and block your line of sight.

3) Cutting & Texture of skirt – Rigid, stay-in-shape skirt is definitely preferred over pencil skirt.

4) Subject Behaviour – Some gals will walk up the steps when they are nearing the top of the escalator. And if the skirt is of light fabric, it tends to fray up as she walks up the steps.

5) Escalators arrangement – Say you are taking a downriding escalator and the escalator beside you is an upriding one; both escalators forming a ‘X’ and both you and the lady are facing at same direction. That would certainly facilitate the viewing. Heh