I do not actively seek out upskirts. Really.

Yet I did notice that the escalator design plays a significant part in resulting whether a lady’s panties would be seen by others, beside the obvious factors of the her skirt length & cutting.

I call this escalator design “The X”.

Upon passing the intersection point, the person riding downwards would have a back & upwards view of the commuters on the other escalator.

Since the ‘target’ is back-facing the ‘viewer’ and in an elevated position, the possibility of an upskirt occurrence is higher.
Not to mention the angle of elevation would gradually increase, and eventually reaching an optimum vantage point.

Oh my.. I’m perverted alright. Haha!
But again, I do not actively seek out upskirts. Really.

Getting more infatuated with Ivy

In my earlier blog entries, I mentioned about this young cousin of my wife’s, Ivy, whom I’m physically attracted to. She is also one of the subjects I fantasize during my DIY.

Well.. I reckon my infatuation towards Ivy has gotten to a slightly uncomfortable level..

1) The anticipation of seeing her during my wife’s relatives’ monthly gatherings becomes something I look forward to. And when Ivy is not there, I get abit disappointed.

2) I realized I’m trying to reduce my gazes at her, unconsciously. Probably a ‘self-protect mechanism’ to prevent myself from getting more emotional involved.

3) I get abit jittery whenever Ivy chats up with me; something that only happened to me for those gals I had crush on in the past.

4) I find the way she walks increasingly seductive. Ivy always maintain a straight back while standing or walking, and this posture causes her breasts and butts to slightly arch up.. making it so difficult not to notice them..

Geez.. I better start exercise more self-restrain on my mind!