Mirror box

A woman who travels Europe inviting complete strangers to touch her genitals as an ‘expression of art’ was arrested in Trafalgar Square.

Performance artist Milo Moire had been in London promoting her ‘Mirror Box’ show – in which she offers members of the public the chance to feel breasts or genitals for thirty seconds.

But she was arrested by police following a complaint from a passer-by clearly unimpressed with her routine. 

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This is not going to happen in Singapore. Too bad.. 😂 

Fan sub. Bikini

Fan submission.

No big boobs but she still looks great with her hour glass figure and slender legs. 

And is that a cameltoe? 😁

We have a good view of the nice contours of her legs. 😊

3 downblouse in 2 days

I rarely have such good fortunes to actually encounter the above view 3 times in just 2 days!

2 of them are young mothers in their early-mid 30s, while the 3rd one is a young girl around 20yo. For two of them, I thought I saw the nip but wasn’t too sure of it.

One of the young mum was casually chatting abit with me; unknown I been stealing glances at her tits.. 😄

And the teenage girl has fair, smooth boobs.

All 3 ladies are A cup though. Not complaining cause their small tits is probably the main reason why I was able to look that ‘deep inside’ their bra. 😜

“I’m wearing shorts anyway”

Some girls feel they are very safe (from wardrobe malfunction) as long they are clad in shorts; be it how short the shorts may be, or in what sort of compromising positions they are in.

I’ve always been grateful my wife’s cousin Ivy belongs to this category of girls. 👍🏻👍🏻

Saw a view similar to below during last Sunday relatives gathering. I immediately felt a gush of heat wave running thru my body when I saw that view. 😄