A naughty dream

Had a vivid, notti dream of my wife’s cousin Ivy last night..😄

I was all dressed up ready to set off for work. For unknown reason, my wife cousin was staying over in my house, and she came over, leaned her petite body against me and whispered something.

It got me excited and on an impulse, I slipped my hand underneath her tight demin shorts, and I could feel her bush.. Then I started working my other hand underneath her tee & bra.. Seems like Ivy’s tits are just A cup instead of B which I always thought; but smooth to feel anyway. And neat, small nipples.

Things escalated quickly. I had to make the session a fast, albeit hot one, as her boyfriend is just sleeping next door. (Don’t ask me why he was in my house too.. Haha!)

Finally it ended off with me ‘eating’ her clit. Lol..

Been a long while since I had an erotic dream. This is a good one. 😁

“Yeah, totally naked, coed yoga” – reblogged


I Took a Naked Yoga Class and I’ve Never Felt Better About Myself Before last week, I’d never wondered if I needed a Brazilian wax before a workout. I’ve never showered immediately before a workout either, but you want to be prepared before you do downward dog naked in a room full of strangers, no? […]



The author actually has quite a nice body IMO.. I think she most likely rank the best in her class..

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