Online Quick Bucks

Rather than thru ‘conventional blogging’ (where there’s a lot of words), many attractive young gals have turned to other online business models to earn quick bucks.

The Looks Seller

She captalised on her good looks or gorgeous figure to attract a huge following online, via social media like Tumblr, Snapchat, etc. It certainly helps when she posted some sexy photos, showing her cleavage, thighs, some butt cheeks..

Once the followers base is there, advertisers will come knocking.

The Used-Lingerie Seller


The Stripper

She would have 2 sets of social media to share her photos. One set which she posted non-nudes; more of a teaser. The other one, viewers need to pay in order to access. That would be the one which viewers get to her nudes.
In Singapore, the first type is quite common. I came across a couple whom sell used lingerie online, but so far never encountered any local gals of the 3rd type.