About Alexis & Jesse

Coincidentally both of them are turning 23 this year. Alexis has started working and is in a relationship. Jesse is schooling in a private institution and is single, if one disregard the fact she currently has 3 sex buddies.

Alexis is about 160cm in height, slim body built, has fair complexion and shoulder length dark-brown colored hair. Cup size is 32B, and pubic hair trimmed.

Jesse is 165cm tall and is slightly bigger in size. Complexion slightly more tan and has black, shoulder length hair. Cup size is 34C, and pubic hair shaved clean.

Sexual history
Alexis: no. of guys had sex with – 2
no. of guys petted with – 3
Jesse: no. of guys had sex with – 4
no. of guys petted with – 5
When I first chatted with them, they were 14, and both were still virgins though masturbation wasn’t something unfamiliar to them.

I came to notice every gal has a different interest. I had a net friend whom was keen in having phone-sex more than anything else. There was another lady whom enjoys chatting about male nudity.

Alexis likes me to ‘dress her up’ and asking her to do dares. The former refers to choosing the clothes & inner garments for her next day of work/outing, eg; short denim skirt, white blouse with black bra, etc.

When it comes to dares, Alexis is pretty open. Staging a wardrobe malfunction to reveal her bra/panties to her male colleague; getting naked & masturbate in her room without locking the door when her family has a habit of not knocking before entering, just to mention a few.

And occasionally, after much persuasion, Alexis would send me ‘live’ photos depicting her state of undress at that time during our chat.
It is also interesting to note that Alexis flirts with me a lot, though she already has a boyfriend. I guess somewhat, I have become her ‘virtual lover’. Lol.

Jesse on the other hand, is more conservative in her dressing and less receptive to doing dares, citing “it’s too risky”.
Yet, for a gal who went to a dubious photographer’s house for bikini photo shoot by herself; having mass orgy with 3 men, who could say that Jesse is not adventurous?

Compared to Alexis, Jesse is not as obliging to my ‘notti requests’. I suppose she merely view me as someone whom she can share freely about her sexual escapades. Well, being a patient guy, I don’t mind listening and giving opinions.
To be fair, Jesse is usually quite responsive too whenever I share with her sexual experience/ naughty thoughts.

Blackmailed for Sex

Continued from below 2 related articles:
Jessie going on an adventure!

Jess had tried threesome & foursome with the men she met. She also mentioned it was coerced as they had secretly took a video of her changing and she was naked.
Sounds bad isn’t it? However, judging from the manner Jess described the ordeal to me, it seems that she wasn’t disturbed or traumatized to say the least.

In my opinion, the blackmailing merely accelerated the process as I thought Jess always wanted to try out mass orgy anyway.
It also amuses me this is the 3rd time she got blackmailed for sex. In previous 2 cases, the guys gotten hold of her nude photos and one of them subsequently became her regular sex buddy!

I see that my young net friend is enjoying her colorful sex life now. She would always be so eager to tell me about her sex stories whenever I come online. Hah.
Another thing for sure. Evil is lurking everywhere.. Be careful my friends!
blackmail sex


Went IRC today. It was even more barren compared to the last time I logged in months ago.
Tried my luck at Omegle instead. No lack of respondents but more than 95% are males.. Seems like there are many horny men like me out there ‘hunting’ at Omegle.
And I’m getting sick of being abruptly left in the cold by the other party disconnecting chat, upon the instant I replied my gender as ‘m’.
Well.. can’t blame them. Everybody (man) is just trying to be as efficient as they can. After all, getting a female on Omegle is a Number game.

Then after numerous unsuccessful chat sessions, finally some one decided to chat more.
omegleSeriously?? I ought to see this coming. LOL..

On a serious note, I see Omegle is going down on a dangerous spiral. As the ratio of (horny) males to females get more lob-sided, less gals will wanna log in. And eventually, all the guys got sick of not able to get what they seek.. and Omegle would be abandoned..
But at least, it would still go down in history as an application which facilitated the leak of thousands of naked pics/videos online! LMAO