A massage story

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this happened when we were having our vacation in Phuket, We were in one of the five stars hotel that have body massage by the private pool side.

My wife called the fornt desk to find out about the body massage package for couple.

that lady ask if we want something special for couple,she said it comes with 1male and 1 female masseur that dress kinky and she did say we have to pay for any that is extra on top of the standard package.

i ask my wife what if i need to have sex with the masseur??????she said NO WAY!!!

I ask her again what about handjob, i promise her i will not go any further than that.she said to be fair for her she wants to have the same thing, without thinking twice i said OK>>>OK>>>OK…….you can do anything you want!!!!!

next moment ….they are here….i was expecting thai masseur. To my surprise they are Caucasians; from Norway. The male is about in his 20s good looking yong boy and the lady is in her 20s too.

we were asked to lie down naked on the bed by the pool side , while they remove their clothes. they were wearing only thongs. My wife was a little shy when the two masseur remove.

my heart was pounding like having a heart attack!!!!

My wife was worried about me getting carried away, i promise her again only hand-job.

They are very professional. they know what to say to make you feel good and relex.

very soon i can see my wife were enjoying herself when the masseur start to massage her breasts. well i also started to enjoy myself when the female masseur started to massage my dick but damn, my wife keep looking at me!!! I tried not to face her by turning to the other side.

5min later i turn around. WA…………. my wife already having fun…..

the male masseur was happly having his finger in my wife pussy but the guy is very PRO not like what you see in XXX movie like want to tear the pussy.

Wa la…. i cannot take it….seing your wife got fingered in fornt of you.


What are your thoughts after reading it?

Firstly the story sounds quite incredible; a wife agreed for her husband to have some hanky panky business, right in front of her some more! But again there are couples, though very few, whom are into ‘spouse exchange for sex’..

A couple of years back, me, my wife and a female friend went for a (decent) Thai massage while having vacation in Bangkok.

(Sorry to disappoint, I’m not going to talk about some orgy, or anywhere close..)

There came 3 masseurs; 1 guy & 2 ladies. Apparently they arranged for a guy masseur for my female friend whom protested shly. My wife then volunteered to switch her female masseur with our friend.

Since it’s my wife’s decision, I refrained from requesting a change in the male masseur. Moreover for all the numerous massages we (or rather, I) had, it’s always female masseurs; what if my wife protested about mine likewise? Lol

Although it was a Thai massage which we wearing the baggy clothes provided, I can’t help imaging the body contact of some other man on my wife during our massage session. Hah!


Translucent tops

   Whenever I come across back views like this, I’m always tempted to check out how’s the front is like.. But in most cases, the top usually have thicker cloth for front side 😝

  Ah.. Although she wearing full cup bra, it’s still quite a temptation to take glances. Heh

  Not wearing bra and getting herself wet to this extent? Looks like the gal is very ok to give her friends some nice visual treat!