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A new trend has begun online which sees women posing either topless or with a bikini top while holding up a fish to cover themselves.

Some have large fish, while others have starfish and other types of unusual sea creatures. The aim is to hold it across your breasts and take a photo.


I don’t usually rant on this blog but just wanna get these off my chest.

So I was on sick leave today. Being lethargic and not in the mood for anything, I gave it a shot at Kik. Man, I was soon reminded of why I quit online chat groups years back..

1) Nasty people everywhere – With anonymity comes no accountability. They scorn and even sprout profanities readily. But again, one would tell me “c’mon, this is your 1st day in internet?? Wad do u expect??”

2) Overbearing Admins – They talk down newcomers to the chat groups like lowly subjects of theirs. “Bow to me, or I will kick you out”. Argue with them? Off you go. Well, with great powers comes great assholes.

3) Knights in shinning armor – In most of the active chat rooms, there are usually some ladies whom are active in chatting in the main. And there is no shortage of guys to put them on the pedestal. They always second to what they say, and talk as if they are watching out for the ladies’ interests all the time, taking the moral high ground. So FAKE..

4) ‘Ask in main window before you PM’ rule – Almost 4 out of 5 chat room has this rule. It’s meant to “protect the ladies”. Well, I think it’s stupid. I PM you “hi”; if you don’t want to chat, you can simply choose to ignore. (Kik has the feature for a user to block incoming PM by default anyway)

So if a newcomer asks a lady in the main for permission to PM, chances are he will only be ridiculed by all those “knights” and the queen won’t accept anyway.

Then there’s this chat room that doesn’t have this rule. So I proceed to PM Gal ‘A’. No reply as of most cases. (I understand gals are a rare breed and often swarmed). Hours later, screenshot of my PM gets shared in main. Gal ‘A’ said I’m being ‘disrespectful’ while also acknowledged there is no such rule. Those knights quickly swarm in to condone and scorn at me. Shortly after I got kicked. Huh?! I didn’t break any of this chat room’s rules, and who are the rude bunch?

Wasted 2 hours of my life at Kik. Should been better off to nap and rest when I’m sick. Hah..

Tumblr banning adult contents

I saw that most of the posts I bookmarked were already marked as ‘Explicit contents’, so I guess it’s a matter of time these get taken down..

Tumblr is my main source of NSFW material for my fapping.. What’s going to happen from now??

Reddit? Twitter? 😭