Oops I accidentally stroked the back of my hand (firmly) against my wife’s cousin butts.

I have always find her 26yo cousin’s perky butts a huge turn-on and now I finally managed to touch it, albeit over clothing.. haha. Nah, just kidding!

It was a honest accident; we were somehow in a tight corner and she happened to turn around when I walked past her.

Of course, I just pretended nothing happened. It would be damn awkward if I apologized to her right??

PS: I’m not kidding about she having perky butts though. I personally thought that’s her most attractive body part.

Panty lines- yay or nah

Whenever I come across gals clad in a tight dress/skirt/pants, my eyes will automatically drift to her bums if she is back facing me; checking out for any panty lines.

I’m not sure which is more arousing. To see a V-shape panty line or none at all (ie suggest she is in a thong/g-string.

Hmm.. probably the former one abit more.

How about you?

Swimwear 26

Love that cleavage… that posture… and the sight of that area between her groin and clitoris that is exposed.

Sweet face, Ample boobs

Gal on the right has an amazing body. And I like her small bikini bottom

That pair of canvas shoes somehow added points to her sexiness.

Aww.. so sweet-looking girl

I simply have a thing for those high-cut swimwear..