A Unisex Toilet

Last weekend, I dined at a restaurant with a ‘unisex’ washroom. Like most others shared-gender toilets, there is a common hands-washing area, a no. of cubicles and no urinals.

Alas, many years ago, I encountered one with a unique layout.


It was a public toilet in some HDB (Singapore’s public housing) old, neighbourhood shopping center. Upon entering and turning left, one can find 2 wash basins on one side and further in at the corner are a couple of urinals, while there are 2 cubicles at the opposite side. The central area of the toilet was spacious enough to accommodate a wheelchair.

And when I went in the toilet, I noticed both the cubicles’ door were closed.

 As per usual, I went to the urinal to take a pee. Halfway thru my business, I heard a cubicle door opening and then running water sound from a tap. After I was done and turned around while zipping up, I was surprised to see a woman washing her hands at the basin. Our eyes met and she gave me a semi-disgusted look.

She probably doesn’t fancy seeing a man pee in front of her while hearing the sound of ‘wee wee’ spluttering on the urinal.

Not sure how much the lady saw since the wash basins are on the same wall as the urinals and there is no separator installed between the urinals & wash basins area. I didn’t notice her as I don’t usually glance sideways while using a urinal. And I guessed she most probably chose to look away anyway.

Or that she simply irked the sight of a man zipping up his pants in front her very eyes.

Clearly, the lady wasn’t expecting all this and did not seem pleased. But hey, I don’t think I did anything wrong either. After a while, the thought of what happened did excite me abit though.


A few months later when I was back at the toilet, I noticed a signboard has been pasted on the main toilet door, asking users to lock it when using the toilet; the shopping center’s Management probably received a few complaints from unsuspecting users.

Few years later, the old neighbourhood shopping center was demolished and the public toilet with a unique layout ceased to exist..


*on a side note, handicapped toilets are the most dangerous place for women to get secretly filmed while relieving themselves. Same for coffee shop toilet which is also shared by both genders. 

Boner Sighted

Naked female cyclist: “Aye.. is that dude having a hard on..?? Ehh.. EHH?!?!”

Her expression is priceless! Hah

In other pics of the naked bike run event, I noticed almost all the naked men had flaccid penis. But to be honest, I’m not sure how I would fare if I were there as a naked participant.. Yes, an erection will be embarrassing though it’s perfectly normal. 😅

Kanchō !

So I got a seat on the train. Standing right in front of me is a tall, young lady. However instead of facing me (the seated commuter) as most people would, she was back facing me.

The gal’s tight pants outlined her rather bountiful booty. Coupled with the fact that she is tall, my glaze naturally rests on her butts which is only an arm length away.

Makes me so TEMPTED TO …







Kanchō !!

Kanchō is a prank performed by clasping the hands together in the shape of an imaginary gun and attempting to poke an unsuspecting victim’s anus, often while exclaiming “Kan-CHO!”. It is a common prank among children in East Asia such as Japan, Korea, Thailand and Taiwan

Caucasian Encounters

 I seldom come across Caucasians in my country but I had 2 fairly interesting episodes with them in the past week.

 On MRT (train)

Seated opposite me was a lean, Caucasian lady seemingly in her early/mid 40s. She was clad in a plain, navy blue long dress with a deep-V cutting at the front.

Women typically will wear some tube/spag beneath this type of V-cut dress but not in this case. Naturally, one could see her cleavage though not much as her tits size is A cup at most.

A big gym big was positioned in between her feet on the floor. At one point in time, the lady bent over to find something in her gym bag. Given the large gap at the front of her dress, I could see clearly 2 dangling tits. In fact, I think I might even see her nipples if the lighting had been better.

I’m not sure if she even wore bra or that it could been too loose for her cause her tits were swirling from side to side as she fumbled through her bag rather virgously. This view continued for a good 10-15 secounds.

I don’t know whether the lady managed to find her stuff in the end as my eyes were totally glued to her peaches all the while.


Pool side

Subject this time is also a Caucasian lady in her 40s. Athletic-built and clad in a bikini; her body muscles very well-toned despite her age. Bet she goes for gym workouts regularly.

I was resting on a bench while she was busy attending to her young kid somewhere near me. I noticed she was constantly having one hand on her chest and that caught my attention.

On a closer look, I saw the bikini top was actually unbuckled. Not sure how long that had happened, but apparently she seems chilled about it and not panicky in buckling back ASAP and could still afford to attend to her kid. Yet I couldn’t make out much though. Probably due to the bikini top is those type with shoulder strap thus it still stay fairly in place despite the rear clip came undone, and that her boobs were small (A cup).

No side boobs seen. Interesting encounter nevertheless.   

G string . Skirt

Gals in semi-see thru tops is a common sight, especially those in thin, satin blouses where we can easily see their dark colored bra against the blouse fabric.

But a sighting of g-string underneath a thin, light colored satin skirt on a young, attractive gal is quite another thing.

Chanced upon that yesterday while walking on the street. Got a boner instantaneously. Had the impulse to stalk the lady to enjoy this rare view longer. Lol