Quality view after a drought

Finally, a quality upskirt view after a drought of few months!

I was at the middle section of the flight of stairs and this young (mid-late 20s), petite lady was at the top of the stairs.

Black, short mini-skirt. Caught a good view of her small white panties. The fabric was kinda clipped between her butt crack, thus revealing the shape of the gal’s small, tight butt clearly. Part of the butt cheeks were seen spilling out from that tiny panties too.

So much details seen. Quality upskirt view indeed. 😍

Most perverted thing ever done

From what I read from a forum, it seems that secretly cumming into a colleague’s or friend’s shoes / bra (taken from their gym bag) seems to be a popular antics. 🤔

The worst I have read is cumming into their food or drinks. 🤮

After reading those stories, I think I felt like a saint. The most perv thing I done/doing is probably just masturbating to my wife cousin’s photos. 😄

So what’s your story?