Chatting no more?

Dear reader, if you read my early posts, you probably would notice I haven’t been writing about my 2 net friends, Jesse and Alexis for some time.
The fact is, I haven’t chat with them for the past few months.

Main reason is due to me being too busy. Since a few years back, the only time we get to chat is during office hours, and lately I’ve being too overwhelmed by my work to log online for chatting.

Secondary, I find our conversations aren’t as steamy as before, and often we keep chatting on some same, old topics. I believe the girls feel likewise too..
Well.. I tink it’s already a feat considering we have been actively chatting for the past 9-10years. That is a very long time!

Unless the girls allow me to further encroach into their boundaries; which requires time and efforts, something I do not have.
To be fair, I myself also maintain a sphere that I don’t let them cross into.

Well.. All things have to come to an end eventually. I still exchanged short mails with them occasionally.. Let’s see how things go from there.

The 2 non-online friends I chatted ‘dirty’ with

I have always been blabbering about the dirty chats I had with my net friends.
Well.. actually there were 2 female friends whom I chatted about sexual stuffs before, albeit that being history.

Known her when she was 14 and me 20. Back then, we can chat on the phone about anything for hours, 4-5 times a week. And yes, we talked about sexual stuffs too. We would ask many questions about each other’s genital parts, and made alot of teasing.
Technically there was no phonesex, though there were countless times of cybersex. Guess she was too shy to bring it to a more ‘serious’ level. And no, we never arranged to meet one-on-one.

Years later, we reconnected and Andie confided in me she held a torch for me back then. Not hard to figure but I never took action to court her that time, cause I felt I would be like cheating a little girl (14 yrs old).

I did try to go after Andie when she was 19-20 yrs old. But things were never the same as before, and I failed in my pursuit.

It all started when I received a surprise call from her to chit-chat. Since then, Winnie would call me regularly to confide in very personal matters; stuffs which even her best female friends would not know, eg; her flings with our common friends, her affair (now ended) with a married man.
Sometimes, we also shared stories of our own sex experiences.

I was never a ladies’ man, thus I am not too good in handling opposite-gender platonic friendship. I soon got attracted to her as she is not bad-looking and has a bubbly personality.
I suppose Winnie sensed it too, so she always maintained she only regard me as a ‘brother’.
Anyway, her large body frame size is too big for me. (She always joked I would be crushed by her in bed if we have sex).

Eventually we drifted apart ever since I got attached, and she stopped calling me after I got married. She probably do not want to incur any misunderstandings.
For my part, I didn’t contact her either due to my changed martial status.

Well.. Not exactly true!

About Alexis & Jesse

Coincidentally both of them are turning 23 this year. Alexis has started working and is in a relationship. Jesse is schooling in a private institution and is single, if one disregard the fact she currently has 3 sex buddies.

Alexis is about 160cm in height, slim body built, has fair complexion and shoulder length dark-brown colored hair. Cup size is 32B, and pubic hair trimmed.

Jesse is 165cm tall and is slightly bigger in size. Complexion slightly more tan and has black, shoulder length hair. Cup size is 34C, and pubic hair shaved clean.

Sexual history
Alexis: no. of guys had sex with – 2
no. of guys petted with – 3
Jesse: no. of guys had sex with – 4
no. of guys petted with – 5
When I first chatted with them, they were 14, and both were still virgins though masturbation wasn’t something unfamiliar to them.

I came to notice every gal has a different interest. I had a net friend whom was keen in having phone-sex more than anything else. There was another lady whom enjoys chatting about male nudity.

Alexis likes me to ‘dress her up’ and asking her to do dares. The former refers to choosing the clothes & inner garments for her next day of work/outing, eg; short denim skirt, white blouse with black bra, etc.

When it comes to dares, Alexis is pretty open. Staging a wardrobe malfunction to reveal her bra/panties to her male colleague; getting naked & masturbate in her room without locking the door when her family has a habit of not knocking before entering, just to mention a few.

And occasionally, after much persuasion, Alexis would send me ‘live’ photos depicting her state of undress at that time during our chat.
It is also interesting to note that Alexis flirts with me a lot, though she already has a boyfriend. I guess somewhat, I have become her ‘virtual lover’. Lol.

Jesse on the other hand, is more conservative in her dressing and less receptive to doing dares, citing “it’s too risky”.
Yet, for a gal who went to a dubious photographer’s house for bikini photo shoot by herself; having mass orgy with 3 men, who could say that Jesse is not adventurous?

Compared to Alexis, Jesse is not as obliging to my ‘notti requests’. I suppose she merely view me as someone whom she can share freely about her sexual escapades. Well, being a patient guy, I don’t mind listening and giving opinions.
To be fair, Jesse is usually quite responsive too whenever I share with her sexual experience/ naughty thoughts.

About Naughty online chat

Since puberty, dirty chatting online has been one of my biggest avenue to release my sexual urge. While I enjoy masturbating to adult videos, dirty chat offers something else; engagement with another person.
It allows me to discuss stuffs which I don’t even share with my girlfriend/wife.. as I believe everyone has a ‘dark side’ which one won’t even want the person closest to you to know.
Well.. you won’t post a status as such on your Facebook : ” My friend Valerie was wearing a deep V-cut dress tonight, and I just jerked off thinking of her awesome cleavage!”

The Program
Almost all my net friends were from the chat program, mIRC. If a chat session with a random stranger goes well, we would exchange MSN contacts and continue from there. Yes, I know mIRC is ‘antique’ which explains why in the past few years, it has been increasingly difficult to find new chat partners there. People have moved on to use other chat services like Omegle, or private messaging on Facebook, Instagram.
I choose mIRC over Omegle because I prefer chatting with people from the same city state which I live in; same culture & environment makes everything easy to relate to.
And unlike Facebook, mIRC gives me anonymity which is also a double-edged sword. Trust me, there are many ‘gals’ in the chat-room whom actually grow a stick down there, and filtering out these trolls takes time & efforts.

Initiating Chat
Everyone follow a specific set of procedure when initiating chat with a random stranger. My agenda is clear – to find a female who don’t mind chatting dirty topics with a random guy. I used to go via the slow approach; chat about generic stuffs (hobbies, school/work) first to let us get more comfy with each other, before dropping hints to lead into explicit topics. However I find this extremely time-consuming. If a clean chat is all what the gal wants, no matter how gradual I lead her into a naughty chat, she would break away swiftly once she knows my agenda. So heck it, after the initial self-intro I go straight to the point: “Are you ok with chatting naughty stuffs?”

The reception is mixed. Based on current trend, around 90% will reply a direct ‘no’ or simply ignore me from that point onwards, the ratio being quite even. A small percent will chide me for being a pervert, some even going to extra length to troll me further. Each rejection is like a slap in the face but at least it beats having getting my hopes up after an lengthy ‘clean’ conversation only to get disappointed/reprimanded in the end.
So what about the 10% who said ‘yes’? Well, some of them are guys in disguise, some are here just to sell their service, while some are determined not to leave any form of contacts behind, even MSN. And even I did manage to get their MSN contact after a good chat session, it does no good if they rarely (or never) come online; i.e. no future opportunities for chat.
Do your maths, and it is easy to see finding a random gal online to become a regular dirty-chat partner is such an arduous task!

Net friends like real-life friends, come and go. Many of them stopped coming online on MSN after a while. Friendship with a few grew deeper; we exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook.
With a few of them, I also engaged in phone-sex and sexting but never once, I meet up with them. I am simply satisfied with maintaining an online presence, nothing physical.
Seems like a joke isn’t it? I mean most guys’ ultimate aim is to date the girls out and make out.
Well.. perhaps if I am still single now, I would try to ask the gals out too. But I’m already taken, so dirty online chat is the max I allow myself to indulge in.

Anyway, I’ve been going to mIRC very seldom these days (like once in 3-4mths) to source for ‘new blood’. I already have 2 regular net friends whom often complained that I don’t have time for them.