Lately there has been a release of a few Marvel superheros movies..
Sets me thinking if one has a superpower, how would he utilize it in the sexual aspect (other than saving the world)?

Superman – With his X-ray vision, he can choose to live in a land of nudists whenever he wishes. “Hmm.. I see that she trims her bush well..๐Ÿ‘”

Mr. Fantastic – The leader of the F4 has the ability to stretch, elongate any part of his body. Susan Storm is one lucky gal!

Invisible Woman – Power of Invisibility. Yea.. all boys wish to have that at a certain point in time. No? LOL…
(my earlier entry on “Invisibility“)

Quicksilver – Since this dude can move that incredibly fastโšก๏ธ, what’s there to stop him from pulling off whatever mischiefs he wants? He would be so fast that the ladies won’t even notice him doing it.

Nightcrawler – One moment he’s tugging the ๐Ÿ‘™ top off some hot babe at a Mediterranean beach; the next moment he’s in a Japanese onsen โ™จ๏ธsaying ‘hi’ to all the naked ladies. “Oh, Hail the Teleporter!”

Mystic – In the movie, she nearly tricked Wolverine into banging her by disguising as Jean Gray. Well.. you get what I mean.

Prof. X – This guy can control human minds. Never mind he can’t walk. He can always get the girls to come to him instead, willingly. ๐Ÿ˜


Almost upskirt

Was at the level 1 of a shopping mall. There was this lady standing right beside the glass railings at level 2, back facing me.

Due to she wearing a short (mid-thighs) & flared (wider at bottom) skirt, I’m pretty confident I can catch a excellent upskirt view if I get the ‘angle’ right.

Yet when I reached the ideal vantage point, I stopped short of looking up as the head tilt would be quite obvious, methinks.

Guess I still need to work on getting rid off my bashful-ness…
Or perhaps the prize simply wasn’t tempting enough – late 30s, kinda plump lady.. Hah!


Fantasizing about others during lovemaking

TONS of discussions on this topic can be found online. Nope, I am not intending to summarise what has been said by others, but rather more on my personal view point.

I do sometimes fantasize about other gals during sex with my partner. Since I find myself not as sexually-attracted to my wife as compared to years ago (not withstanding our happy marriage), I thought fantasy would serve as a handy tool to compliment that void, so that lovemaking can still be as steamy, or nearly, as before.
It’s not just about my own sexual satisfaction; I see that I have a obligation to let my partner feel wanted too. Yes, I see that as a tool and nothing more.

In the past, the objects of my imagination would be my ex-crushes. As time passes by, my infatuation and memories of them faded. Then I started to fantasize more of my net friends, Jesse & Alexis.
Lately, images of my wife’s cousin started showing up in my mind too.

Well, I do abide to a couple of ground rules to keep myself in check.
1) The object of sexual gratification must not be the same girl everytime, i.e; rotation
2) She should not be someone whom I meet on a frequent basis, e.g; colleagues.
3) Whatever fantasies about someone that come up in my mind, should stay in the bedroom.

While #3 may not always be achievable (since I still think of them during my DIY), I’m coping well on #1 & #2.

Thus, there is little risk of letting my sexual fantasies get into the way and entice me to develop feelings for someone else, which would be detrimental to my marriage.
To illustrate further, I only see my wife’s cousin once a month during family gatherings; I have no plans to meet my net friends, and neither am I still in contact with any of my ex-crushes.

Some say fantasizing is considered as cheating..
I choose to think that as long you manage it well, why not? Afterall sexual fulfilment comprises both the physical and emotional aspects.

Having said so, if one had to rely on fantasy in order to entice oneself to make love with his/her partner, this could be a dangerous sign to note.

And needless to say, don’t ever be so honest to confess to your partner you’re thinking about someone else while having sex with him/her.
I read from a forum that some dude actually did, and landed himself in trouble. Some stuffs are simply not meant to be shared!

Risa Tachibana

Introducing one of my favourite AV actress (out of only a handful of them whom I know their names).

Formerly a member of the popular Jpop all-girls idol group, AKB48.


What I like most is her screen personality – demure, innocent type, although we all know that’s only a fabrication; otherwise she won’t be in this industry! Hah..

Other strengths would be her pretty face (9/10pts) & her huge rack (probably a D-cup at least).
If I had to name a weakness, it would be her pelvic & thighs being abit thick.. But I personally don’t mind the flesh though!

10 Sexual fantasies

Not in order of degree in desire. I type whatever comes to my mind!

1) Taking a naked stroll at a clothing-optional beach, where there are many other nudists (families, couples, old & young) as well.

2) Enjoying an outdoor onsen (japanese hot spring bath) with my wife, together with a few other attractive-looking bathers. All of us nude of course.

3) Mass-orgy with all my ex-crushes. I would most probably have gone ‘sore and dry’ before hitting the last lady. =P

4) Threesome with my 2 favorite net friends – Jesse & Alexis. (although I did turn down Jesse for sex before; contradicting to my desire but my morals won the battle)

5) Back then when 2 female friends tried to pull my swimming trunks off while we were in the pool, me to put on a false struggle and let them succeed. Would be interesting to know what pans out!


6) Truth or Dare / Stripped Poker with a particular group of friends, mixed gender.

7) Skin-dipping with my wife and our cousins in a private pool

8) Invited on stage by a stripper, with no-one I know among the crowd (cuz I would only be able to let myself go wild if I knew there is no acquittance around)

9) Sexual massage / Go to those type of KTV lounges with hostess

10) Sleep with my wife’s cousin. Oops!

* Disclaimer: Above are just fantasies, not all of which to be regarded as goals which I aim to accomplish.