At the water theme park

A couple of days ago, I went to Adventure Cove (water theme park). Was in the queue for a water slide play when I encountered the most extreme wardrobe malfunction (zaogeng) I seen till date.

The bikini top of a tan-skinned Indian gal, probably in her late 20s, was partially displaced due to the water force when she came down the slide. As a result, her whole right breast was out.
She is a plus-sized lady so naturally her tits were really huge; at least a E-cup in my opinion, like a papaya!
Large areola too. Was surprised to see the area near her areola is significantly fairer in skin color compared to the rest of her boobs.

I’m not a big fan of gals with very large breasts as I think they sag.. but it’s quite a treat to see that much for a wardrobe malfunction!

In terms of ‘exposure’, it beat the one which I seen many years back at a cosplay event, where the girl had about 2/3 of one breast accidentally slipped out.. That tit was much smaller though; a B-cup and was partially covered by her long hair. But that gal was younger (late teens?) and definitely slimmer. =P

Back to the big-boobs lady, I’m not the only person to have caught the “show”. She only knew about it until her spouse alerted her, about 4-5 secs later.
I noticed a group of teens (4boys &1girl) were giggling. My wife, my cousin and the 2 staff stationed there saw it too. Not sure about the rest of the people in the que…

Hahaha! Poor lady… But at least she doesn’t seem affected when she knew of her zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) and continued play merrily. Her partner looked more disturbed though. Lol
The one I saw, her breasts was just a tad smaller than this gal’s