The 2 non-online friends I chatted ‘dirty’ with

I have always been blabbering about the dirty chats I had with my net friends.
Well.. actually there were 2 female friends whom I chatted about sexual stuffs before, albeit that being history.

Known her when she was 14 and me 20. Back then, we can chat on the phone about anything for hours, 4-5 times a week. And yes, we talked about sexual stuffs too. We would ask many questions about each other’s genital parts, and made alot of teasing.
Technically there was no phonesex, though there were countless times of cybersex. Guess she was too shy to bring it to a more ‘serious’ level. And no, we never arranged to meet one-on-one.

Years later, we reconnected and Andie confided in me she held a torch for me back then. Not hard to figure but I never took action to court her that time, cause I felt I would be like cheating a little girl (14 yrs old).

I did try to go after Andie when she was 19-20 yrs old. But things were never the same as before, and I failed in my pursuit.

It all started when I received a surprise call from her to chit-chat. Since then, Winnie would call me regularly to confide in very personal matters; stuffs which even her best female friends would not know, eg; her flings with our common friends, her affair (now ended) with a married man.
Sometimes, we also shared stories of our own sex experiences.

I was never a ladies’ man, thus I am not too good in handling opposite-gender platonic friendship. I soon got attracted to her as she is not bad-looking and has a bubbly personality.
I suppose Winnie sensed it too, so she always maintained she only regard me as a ‘brother’.
Anyway, her large body frame size is too big for me. (She always joked I would be crushed by her in bed if we have sex).

Eventually we drifted apart ever since I got attached, and she stopped calling me after I got married. She probably do not want to incur any misunderstandings.
For my part, I didn’t contact her either due to my changed martial status.

Well.. Not exactly true!

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