Tussle at the pool

Many years back, I went swimming with this group of friends, in which there are 3 gals whom are quite crazy when it comes to play.

While all the few of us were in the water, the girls actually sneaked up on me and tried to pull down my swimming trunks!

I reacted fast enough to hold onto my pants, yet the 3 of them didn’t let go and continued to tug it downwards. From their strength and persistence, it seems to me they are serious about stripping me in the pool!

Naturally, a struggle in the water ensued and there were some body contact.
Honestly I can’t remember whether their hands had accidentally touched my penis at some points in time.. Or part of my hands brushed against their breasts..

And thinking back now, perhaps I should deliberately lose my trunks back then and tease the girls.
Or even better, attempt to try tug their bikinis in the midst of chaos. Well.. Tit for Tat.. 😆

Alas, I’m just a honest (or maybe silly) chap who didn’t harbour any notti thoughts of using the situation to my ‘advantage’. Lol…