Deep cleavage . MILF . Bus

Was in the bus. Seated directly opposite me is this MILF clad in a low-cut tank top. Her cleavage is so deep that you can bury your face in it; her tits must been at least a D cup size.

She was in the last row of seats which meant that throwing my gaze at anything behind her is not possible. It’s either I look straight, which my eyes somehow just auto-focus on her huge tits or I turn my head at an awkward angle towards the side window.

And through-out my 10min bus journey, the MILF’s eyes were glued to her handphone.. which made it easier for my eyes to glue to her deep deep cleavage. Lol

Honestly, it’s a weird mix of arousal and awkwardness for me in this situation.

Breastfeeding . Family

Went to the hospital to visit a friend whom just delivered (a baby). As we entered the room, we saw the curtain was drawn. Her hubby told us she is breastfeeding the baby, so we waited and chatted outside the curtain.

After 10min or so, the curtain was drawn open. Inside were my friend, her mum and … brother! The brother looks like a late-20s at least.

Wow.. didn’t know my female friend is so close with her brother that she don’t mind his presence. Surely there was no nursing cover, and latching a newborn baby takes some efforts and time which means the whole breast and nipple are bound to be exposed for quite a while before the baby finally ‘takes in the nipple in his mouth’.


Aurelia Hathaway

An influencer and model based in Singapore. She posts about fashion and beauty on social media and often appears in various comedy sketches by Night Owl Cinematics.

Insta: aureliahathaway


I always thought she resembled Kimberly Chia, an actress from Mediacorp (SG TV stn), but has a more sophisticated feel..

Unlike most other female influencers, Aurelia doesn’t post many photos showing significant cleaverage though.