About Naughty online chat

Since puberty, dirty chatting online has been one of my biggest avenue to release my sexual urge. While I enjoy masturbating to adult videos, dirty chat offers something else; engagement with another person.
It allows me to discuss stuffs which I don’t even share with my girlfriend/wife.. as I believe everyone has a ‘dark side’ which one won’t even want the person closest to you to know.
Well.. you won’t post a status as such on your Facebook : ” My friend Valerie was wearing a deep V-cut dress tonight, and I just jerked off thinking of her awesome cleavage!”

The Program
Almost all my net friends were from the chat program, mIRC. If a chat session with a random stranger goes well, we would exchange MSN contacts and continue from there. Yes, I know mIRC is ‘antique’ which explains why in the past few years, it has been increasingly difficult to find new chat partners there. People have moved on to use other chat services like Omegle, or private messaging on Facebook, Instagram.
I choose mIRC over Omegle because I prefer chatting with people from the same city state which I live in; same culture & environment makes everything easy to relate to.
And unlike Facebook, mIRC gives me anonymity which is also a double-edged sword. Trust me, there are many ‘gals’ in the chat-room whom actually grow a stick down there, and filtering out these trolls takes time & efforts.

Initiating Chat
Everyone follow a specific set of procedure when initiating chat with a random stranger. My agenda is clear – to find a female who don’t mind chatting dirty topics with a random guy. I used to go via the slow approach; chat about generic stuffs (hobbies, school/work) first to let us get more comfy with each other, before dropping hints to lead into explicit topics. However I find this extremely time-consuming. If a clean chat is all what the gal wants, no matter how gradual I lead her into a naughty chat, she would break away swiftly once she knows my agenda. So heck it, after the initial self-intro I go straight to the point: “Are you ok with chatting naughty stuffs?”

The reception is mixed. Based on current trend, around 90% will reply a direct ‘no’ or simply ignore me from that point onwards, the ratio being quite even. A small percent will chide me for being a pervert, some even going to extra length to troll me further. Each rejection is like a slap in the face but at least it beats having getting my hopes up after an lengthy ‘clean’ conversation only to get disappointed/reprimanded in the end.
So what about the 10% who said ‘yes’? Well, some of them are guys in disguise, some are here just to sell their service, while some are determined not to leave any form of contacts behind, even MSN. And even I did manage to get their MSN contact after a good chat session, it does no good if they rarely (or never) come online; i.e. no future opportunities for chat.
Do your maths, and it is easy to see finding a random gal online to become a regular dirty-chat partner is such an arduous task!

Net friends like real-life friends, come and go. Many of them stopped coming online on MSN after a while. Friendship with a few grew deeper; we exchanged phone numbers and added each other on Facebook.
With a few of them, I also engaged in phone-sex and sexting but never once, I meet up with them. I am simply satisfied with maintaining an online presence, nothing physical.
Seems like a joke isn’t it? I mean most guys’ ultimate aim is to date the girls out and make out.
Well.. perhaps if I am still single now, I would try to ask the gals out too. But I’m already taken, so dirty online chat is the max I allow myself to indulge in.

Anyway, I’ve been going to mIRC very seldom these days (like once in 3-4mths) to source for ‘new blood’. I already have 2 regular net friends whom often complained that I don’t have time for them.

Staying true to my writings

One of the best things about WordPress is its blog traffic tracking feature. I been monitoring the data closely for past 1 wk+. Most of the visitors whom found my site via search engine, used keywords “park nima”, “fbt shorts”.
When I started my blog, I wanted to maintain a good mix of ‘own personal articles’ and images/videos I would love to share with others. It seems however the latter is the major component that attracts more readers.

Well, I do come across a few blogs which the writer focus solely on own personal experiences; no pictures/videos of sexy gals etc, and still generate very high traffic. While their articles are mostly well-written indeed, I believe though, a plus point is these writers are females (assuming they are not men-in-disguise!). People generally prefer to hear sex stories from a person with boobs, than one with a dick right? LOL.

And on top of that, I do not have that many sex experiences to talk about, neither would I want to fabricate stories.

Anyway, I shall still keep to my practice of maintaining an even mix, and not simply posting ‘popular’ pictures just for the sake of increasing traffic. There are already too many sites which do that.
Feel free to share your comments. 🙂

The best down-blouse

downblouseThe BEST one I seen was that of my friend during my high school time.

We were sitting on the floor, having our KFC fried chicken. She was constantly bending over though out her meal, and I happened to be just seated directly opposite her. Her bra is just as loose as her spaghetti top, which means I actually got to see more of her boobs than ought to be covered by her bra had she wore the correct size. 😛

Flawless & well-toned complexion, just like above photo. I guess that was a given since she was only 15-16 years old then. At one point, I actually thought I caught a glimpse of her nipple!

Well.. I have to admit my view is biased in a certain sense cause I had a crush on her during high school. A down-blouse of this degree of exposure meant alot to a then-innocent teenage boy. LOL…

Gabrielle Anwar Headlights

Stumbled on a forum dedicated to the popular US action drama “Burn Notice”. And there was a thread in which many viewers expressed annoyance about this lead actress, Gabrielle Anwar, not putting on a bra.

IMHO, it’s her body so it’s her freedom whether she to put on a bra or not. In fact, I thought her ‘headlights’ protrusion is quite a delight to watch. Moreover, Gabriella is a beautiful woman to start with. Never mind she got a small rack.
I don’t quite understand how that pair of studs there can pose a disturbance to anybody. LOL..

In fact, pls keep it up Anwar! You (and your erected nipples) are one of the top few reasons I’m watching “Burn Notice”! 🙂


Jessie going on an adventure!

** follow-up from my earlier entry: “Invitation to Threesome”….

Jessie, my net friend, shared with me there have been ‘developments’… in gearing towards having her 1st threesome/foursome experience.

Apparently, she joined her sex buddy & two of his friends for a strip poker game.

While they only stripped down to their undergarments and wasn’t any touching of genital parts, I see it as Jess taking a big step in preparing herself for her inaugural mass-orgy.

Then this famous quote from the movie came to my mind…


* too bad I’m married, so no share of the fun for me!

Thou shall lock the door

The plane has yet to take off and I thought it would be good to go to the toilet first. The door showed ‘Vacant’ so I pushed it open. Least to expect to see a person inside!

Was a Chinese gal in her early-20s, seemingly of average build. She was sitting on the toilet seat, her pants pulled down. And she gave an immediate short shriek when she saw me. I was taken aback and quickly closed back the door.

Did I see ‘anything’? She was wearing a lengthy sweater which covered a lot. The most I saw was just part of her thighs. Anyway everything happened too fast.

After closing the door, I stood by the asle waiting for my turn to use the loo. I looked away when the gal exited the toilet so as to save her from further embarrassment.

Nevertheless, an interesting encounter.

Cousins’ temptation

Was at my relative’s place. The cousins were clad in their short shorts as always and I was seated diagonally across them.

As usual, the gals made themselves at home and totally didn’t bother about their sitting postures on the sofa. We aren’t that awfully close you know. Lol.

I know it’s not nice to look but I can’t help stealing a few glances.. =p



Shower room, no cubicles!

When I was a teenager, the male shower room in public swimming pool complexes do not have cubicles. More than 2/3 of the men shower naked.

I am a heterosexual but somehow back in my younger days, it excited me when people see me naked; probably that had to do with my age. Anyway an erected penis in clear view to others is definitely embarrassing, so I kept my trunks on while showering, at least most part of it.

Yet a part of me is exhibitionist. Towards the later part of the shower where I lather my nether area, I would go full Monty.
That includes drying myself in my birthday suit off course.

I would still end up erected somehow but the length of exposure time was much shorter, i.e; less embarrassment.


Then come one day which all the shower rooms are installed with cubicles (with doors). When it just started, some of the old guard still try to resist the imposed inhibitive by deliberately keeping their cubicles doors open, or coming out naked to dry & get dressed. Me inclusive.

Our numbers dwindled rapidly and eventually nobody does that anymore. I kept my bits hidden from outsider view as well, for I do not wish to be perceived as the solo perv who exhibits himself..
I still come out of the cubicle clad in underwear only cause I don’t want my pants to be wet by the floor.

I kinda miss the old days of non-inhibitive showering in a public place. And this has always been one of my favourite topic starters when I chat up with random gals online for notti stuffs.

Park Nima – the Korean Cam Girl

Why a man would like Park Nima?

She got a doll-like pretty face, good skin complexion, has a pair of large yet perky boobs, and hell of a sexy dancer.

park nima3park nima1Park nima 2

She basically bares all other than her nether region. Even so I still find it funny she always try not to face her body front to the camera most of the time. She does know her nipples are already exposed rite? Hahaha… Perhaps that’s her ‘style’.

Facebook.com / ParkNimaOfficial
Daily motion / Park Nima