Heart-shaped Boob Challenge

Source: http://shanghaiist.com/2017/08/09/heart-shaped-boob-challenge.php

Just when you thought you had seen it all, the Chinese internet comes up with a new and titillating “challenge.”

Earlier this week, the “Heart-shaped Boob Challenge” (桃心胸挑战) hit Weibo, inviting female netizens to post pictures of themselves molding their breasts into the shape of a heart.


I personally much prefer the ‘one finger challenge’, cause a boob that doesn’t look like one doesn’t turn me on 😅

It seems this trend isn’t as popular as its predecessor too, based on no. of image results from a google search.

A photo a day

A Japanese photographer maintains a website that contains a portfolio which has photos taken of his girlfriend everyday.

The photos are mostly taken in the small 1-bedroom unit which she (and probably himself) resides in; on mundane activities from just waking up in the morning, to having meals or just lazing around.

Occasionally some of the photos contain nudity. I love how the gal appeared nonchalant about being photographed nude and how these photos appear so natural.

Alas, the posting discontinued eventually after a year plus. I can’t help feeling abit of loss..

Love her sweet smile.. 😊Facial after a shower.Masturbating?that cleavage..Sticky sticky tissues Neatly trimmed bush she hasCuz its summer and too hotEnjoying a cold beer after showerShe looked kinda different in this set of lingerie; a mature sexy feelThey actually printed and pinned up nude photos of themselves in the house. Interesting< em>Happy Valentine DayThat thighs..I would have a grade ‘A’ for that hot body, anytime.<<<<<<<<

Pre-maternity shoot

The couple don’t really mind a male photographer for a topless photo shoot.

And most likely these photos are taken by the husband, whom is turned on that some other man saw her wife’s tits.. never mind the lady’s figure is obviously not in the best state at this juncture. 😅

Well, same thing that you won’t think much of a male doctor touch your wife breasts during a medical examination, right? 😄

No bra

For comfort sake, I always go ‘commando’ at home.

However there have been a few times when I paid a short visit to a female friend’s or online buyer’s house, the lady didn’t bother putting on a bra. While their top are usually in dark colors, their pokies are still very obvious. It’s really distracting while chatting with them.

Even my wife whom usually don’t bother about zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction) always make a conscious efforts to put in her bra before guests come. Perhaps I shouldn’t fuss about putting on underwear too.. but what if I erect? Hmm..