Double Standards?

I came across a forum thread on ‘whether do you approve your bf to look at hot girls’ pics on social media?’

Naturally, we get a lot gals voicing objections in their comments. Interesting, I recognize one of them to be someone whom has always been uploading sexy bikini photos of herself on her public social media accounts.

“I can show my body to guys, but my bf cannot look at other gals!“ Hmm… 😂

How about me? Yea.. I do follow sexy/pretty girls on their public social media accounts. Lol

Russian Nurse is disciplined for…

A Russian nurse disciplined for wearing only lingerie beneath a transparent protective gown is afraid of losing her job after images taken by patients went viral.

…. the medic, who has not been publicly identified, said she was ‘too hot’ underneath the gown and did not realise how transparent it was.

Male patients on the ward said they had ‘no complaints’ about the uniform, but admitted there was ‘some embarrassment’.

‘Now she is under big stress,’ a colleague told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

‘She is in a state of shock and afraid of losing her job altogether.’

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The bra is pretty conservative (doesn’t show much skin) but she did expose half of her perky butt cheeks!

Overall, her figure is quite hot 🔥😁

Mask On

I don’t know if it is just me.

I find that it’s more arousing when on the streets, to encounter ladies in skimpy outfits when they had their face masks on; the thighs / cleverage exposed but not her face..

Stay Safe peeps!

Someone you know

There are tons of leaked nude videos and images online. Have you encountered that of someone you know personally?

For me, its twice.

Friend from same hobby group

There was a time we used to see each other almost every week although we are not really close to each other. Back then, I knew she does part-time modelling for photo-shoots and she been posting quite a no. of risqué photos of herself from such shoots on her Facebook. The poses and the (lack of) clothing led me to think if she did nude photo-shoots, which turned out to be true. Chanced upon 3 sets of her nude photos online, one of which showed her boobs and bits very clearly. Her boobs were between A-B cup which I used to think was a solid B. What drew my attention was her pink, small nipples and very smooth-looking vulva. Yes, she had her pubic hair removed. But since these are processed photos, I’m not sure how much truth in her pink nipples or smooth-looking vulva.

I think I only saw her once or twice after I gotten her nudes before she stopped coming for the hobby group activities.

My cousin

She falls in the category of relatives that you only meet once a year (during Chinese new year gathering). Even so, it did send a cold shiver through my body when I first saw her nudes online. It appeared that she took selfies on her masturbating, meant to send to someone. There were also a few pictures of her fondling her boobs, and other images suggested she was naked and was fingering herself though her bottom half of the body was not shown. Hmm..