Panty lines- yay or nah

Whenever I come across gals clad in a tight dress/skirt/pants, my eyes will automatically drift to her bums if she is back facing me; checking out for any panty lines.

I’m not sure which is more arousing. To see a V-shape panty line or none at all (ie suggest she is in a thong/g-string.

Hmm.. probably the former one abit more.

How about you?

Swimwear 26

Love that cleavage… that posture… and the sight of that area between her groin and clitoris that is exposed.

Sweet face, Ample boobs

Gal on the right has an amazing body. And I like her small bikini bottom

That pair of canvas shoes somehow added points to her sexiness.

Aww.. so sweet-looking girl

I simply have a thing for those high-cut swimwear..

Onsen – Rose among the thorns

Chanced upon this on Insta (shared by one of the guys inside the pic).

No, the lady was clothed. First thing I did was to zoom in the pic. lol

I wonder how the young gal felt being surrounded by so many naked men? Moreover are someone you know, and so many dicks at same time??

Shy? Intimated? Aroused?

Perfect Back

Chances upon this pretty, young lady clad in a bare-back, long dress.

The complexion of her back is so good that I actually deliberately trail behind (or should I say, stalk) her for nearly 50m so that I can admire this beauty for a longer time – my eyes glued to her smooth, flawless back..

Even at about a meter away from this beautiful girl, I could not make out any impressions on her back due to wearing of bra. Makes me wonder.. does she even wear a bra usually in the first place?!

Pretty woman. Perfect back.

Too bad no spillage of side boob or pokies, but still an awesome encounter! 😍