Changing by the pool

Was at a hotel pool and saw a woman changing out from her bikini to a dress right in front of me, using just a large towel to protect her modesty in the process.

A Caucasian lady in her 30s with a athletic built. For the record, here’s how she does it

  1. Pull a large towel over her shoulders from the front and tied a knot at the back of her neck. Basically wearing the towel like a nursing cover (for breastfeeding)
  2. Turned and faced a wall that’s about 4-5 meters away
  3. Untrue and removed her bikini top while maintaining her back facing the most of us at the pool – Yes, we can see the whole of her bare back while she does that.
  4. Bent over to the bag beside to pick up her bra with one hand pressing the front part of the towel against her chest. But thanks to the angle of view, I still managed to catch a glimpse of her side boob.
  5. Hooked her bra at her waist. Then she turned it around and wriggled it up to her breasts
  6. Removed the towel. Made some adjustment at her bra so that her breasts are tucked in properly
  7. Put on her dress which is slight past knee-length
  8. Changed out her bikini bottom and put on her panties.

Viola. Done.

I wondered why she decided to change here when the female toilet is just a stone throw away. 😄

Artistic . Nude

Chanced upon this tumblr account with quite a number of artistic nude pics. I personally feel some are tastefully done.

Credits: blukcattalking

(Not all images taken by the tumblr account owner though)

Too much bums? Thanks to Tumblr new policy.

Jaylene Hong

One of the few MILFs I follow on Instagram.

No prize for stating her biggest assets. (They seem like at least a ‘E’)

Personally, I thought she has a pretty face too. Btw, she is already a mother of 4 kids! Omg..

Insta: jaylenehwl

Apparently, this hot lady is also an ambassador for Triumph bra. 👙

I like the part her hubby is so open about her wife flaunting her figure in the social media. 👍🏻😎

Another splendid Arm-hole view

Chanced upon a well-groomed, curvaceous lady while commuting. She was clad in a bright orange satin blouse. From the impression made against the thin blouse, can see that she is wearing a half-cup bra.

So this blouse has really large arm holes. Woo.. HALF of her side boobs are exposed, thanks to the half-cup bra; also helped by the fact that her breasts are huge (probably a D cup size). Her fair boobs were kinda ‘spilling’ out from the side of her bra..

I followed her from the train station concourse to the platform and into the train cabin. Had a good 15min or so enjoining this splendid view. Got a number of boners. Lol 😄

Encountered a similar view of my wife’s cousin last week. I guessed she was wearing half-cup bra too. The amount of side boobs seen was much less though, cause her tits were at least 2 cup sizes smaller than this lady’s. 😜

Hahaha.. Been having lotsa luck with arm-hole views lately. Loving it.❤️