G string . Skirt

Gals in semi-see thru tops is a common sight, especially those in thin, satin blouses where we can easily see their dark colored bra against the blouse fabric.

But a sighting of g-string underneath a thin, light colored satin skirt on a young, attractive gal is quite another thing.

Chanced upon that yesterday while walking on the street. Got a boner instantaneously. Had the impulse to stalk the lady to enjoy this rare view longer. Lol

Disappointed. Onsen

Going for a Japan vacation next year with my wife. Was planning to visit Takaragawa Onsen – an onsen famous for its large, scenic, outdoor mixed-gender baths.

However, I was dismayed to learn that since Apr this year, the resort management has made it compulsory for both male and female bathers to wear the bathing suits provided. (It used to be optional, though I read online that most female bathers would still wrap a towel across). The policy change was meant to cater to the preferences of its large crowd of tourists whom are not comfortable with public nudity.

Seriously, what’s an onsen when u need to wear clothes into the water? I can do that in a water theme park. I think my wife would be disappointed to learn about this too. She, like me, also don’t fancy wearing clothes or towel into an onsen bath and she’s fine with being naked in the presence of other men in such setting. I’m sure we are not the only ones dismayed at such change in bathing policy.

Now, I’m contemplating whether to go for this onsen for my vacation next year. To think that visiting this beautifully onsen is actually one item on my bucket list. 🙁

3rd pic- how the female bathing suit looks like. I have no idea about the male’s. Most likely some dark brown shorts I guess..