Nude with cousin- a random story from EP

Below story taken from a random post in

Wish we have a clothing optional beach in my country too.. Would liken the prospect of knocking into someone I know at the beach, when both of us are naked!

Nude With My Cousin
A few years ago I would go to a clothing optional beach a few times during the summer. On one trip I had to swing past my Aunt’s house to drop off some family related papers. My female cousin a couple of years younger then me asked what I was doing that day. I mentioned that I was on my way to the beach.
Not saying which one. She lit up and asked if she could join me. I kind of beated around the bush not really sure how to tell her where I was really going. Finally feeling a little trapped I said yes that she could join me. With my aunt standing with us I could not just come out and tell her.

I had to wait a few minutes while she changed etc. Finally she was ready. We were in my car a couple of blocks from her house when I told her where I was planning on going and that I did not bring a bathing suit to go to a different ( dressed ) beach.
” Oh, thats okay. I have been there before. ” She has ?
Well that led me to ask for more details. Came to find out that her , and her sisters , my other cousins, have gone in the past. But then she added that It’s going to be a little weird being there with me. ” But lets go for it. ”

And that we did. Once there we picked out a spot on the sand. Set out my blanket etc. and I proceeded to get undressed. My cousin, Patty, sat on the blanket saying she needed a little bit of time to build up her courage. Now that I was fully undressed I sat down on the blanket facing her and we talked for a short while. The sun was hot and I told her that I was going to go down and get wet in the water.

She agreed that it was hot and said that she would join me. Expecting her to go with her bathing suit, she stood and undid the top. As she bent over to place the top on the blanket she caught the bottom part of her suit with her fingers and slid them down too.

Standing back upright she asked if I was ready. Patty grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the water. She needed courage ? She could haved fooled me.

After we got back to our spot on the beach and sat down she suggested that we put sun screen on so as not to get a sunburn. With that she asked me to do her back as she layed down on the blanket. I did her back, Was encouraged to do her rump and the back of her legs. She rolled over and I coated her front.
When she was finished being covered Patty sat up and told me to lay down so that she could put sun block on me. I did and followed her example and rolled over when she was finished with my back.

She willingly did the front of me from my head down to my feet. We spent the whole day there on the beach nude. Leaving for home just before the sun started to set. As we got back to the car I was mostly dressed with what I wore to the beach. Patty on the other hand just had her wrap on.

Carrying all of her other clothes. Once we got on the highway to drive home the wrap was just hanging off of her shoulders. Her front was fully exposed. By now it was dark enough that other cars could not easily see inside of ours. Once we got back to her Moms house she got out and walked to the house that way.

As I walked with her to the door I asked if she was going to cover up more. Her reply was why bother ? I am going to tell them where I was all day anyway. Besides with just Mom, me and my sisters. We haven’t worried about being dressed for a long time unless we have company.

Sure enough as we entered the house my other cousin was walking through the living room to get to the hallway and she didn’t have a stich on. We went into the kitchen where my aunt was and sat down at the table.
My aunt looked at Patty with a question on her face. After all Patty was more naked then dressed. Patty just said that we were at the nude beach all day and that she didn’t bother to get too dressed to come home. My aunts reply was just a simple ” oh “.

Patty’s sister came back into the kitchen with a over sized tee shirt / night shirt on now. Her sister asked Patty if we went to ” Sandy Hook” ( the clothing optional beach ) she replied that we did. My cousin then turning to me asked if I kept my bathing suit on and all I said was that I didn’t take one with me. She laughed and said that I would be the last person that she would expect to see there. And then said that Patty must of talked me into it.

My aunt said that Patty had invited herself so that I must have planned on going there before Patty said anything. The my aunt asked if so and so was there to which Patty said ” No I did not see them. I looked for them ” It seems that my Aunt and cousins have been there enough times to know people by name. And here I was thinking that I was putting my cousin on the spot by taking her there.

Another “family secret out in the open ” Pun intended lol. Needless to say it had become a family outing till I ended up moving to another state.
Yes, I have seen family members naked lol— four of them. And my married cousin’s husband and their two teens

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