Lately there has been a release of a few Marvel superheros movies..
Sets me thinking if one has a superpower, how would he utilize it in the sexual aspect (other than saving the world)?

Superman – With his X-ray vision, he can choose to live in a land of nudists whenever he wishes. “Hmm.. I see that she trims her bush well..👍”

Mr. Fantastic – The leader of the F4 has the ability to stretch, elongate any part of his body. Susan Storm is one lucky gal!

Invisible Woman – Power of Invisibility. Yea.. all boys wish to have that at a certain point in time. No? LOL…
(my earlier entry on “Invisibility“)

Quicksilver – Since this dude can move that incredibly fast⚡️, what’s there to stop him from pulling off whatever mischiefs he wants? He would be so fast that the ladies won’t even notice him doing it.

Nightcrawler – One moment he’s tugging the 👙 top off some hot babe at a Mediterranean beach; the next moment he’s in a Japanese onsen ♨️saying ‘hi’ to all the naked ladies. “Oh, Hail the Teleporter!”

Mystic – In the movie, she nearly tricked Wolverine into banging her by disguising as Jean Gray. Well.. you get what I mean.

Prof. X – This guy can control human minds. Never mind he can’t walk. He can always get the girls to come to him instead, willingly. 😝


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