Boner Sighted

Naked female cyclist: “Aye.. is that dude having a hard on..?? Ehh.. EHH?!?!”

Her expression is priceless! Hah

In other pics of the naked bike run event, I noticed almost all the naked men had flaccid penis. But to be honest, I’m not sure how I would fare if I were there as a naked participant.. Yes, an erection will be embarrassing though it’s perfectly normal. 😅

Jeju Love Land

Located in the amorous heart of Jeju Island, “Love Land” is an appropriately named theme park, at least as long as you define lots and lots of hot sex as “love.” Jeju Island is famous for being a romantic getaway for Korean couples, and so having a sexually themed park makes some sense.

In 2004, a bunch of artists from Seoul’s Hongik University ventured over to the island, where they created numerous art pieces, and by “art pieces,” I mean statues of sexy parts.