Russian Nurse is disciplined for…

A Russian nurse disciplined for wearing only lingerie beneath a transparent protective gown is afraid of losing her job after images taken by patients went viral.

…. the medic, who has not been publicly identified, said she was ‘too hot’ underneath the gown and did not realise how transparent it was.

Male patients on the ward said they had ‘no complaints’ about the uniform, but admitted there was ‘some embarrassment’.

‘Now she is under big stress,’ a colleague told Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.

‘She is in a state of shock and afraid of losing her job altogether.’

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The bra is pretty conservative (doesn’t show much skin) but she did expose half of her perky butt cheeks!

Overall, her figure is quite hot 🔥😁

Bag & Zaogeng

A sling bag or backpack is a useful tool for ladies to protect their modesty when they are in short skirt or dress.

For example, putting the bag at their lap when they sit, or using it to press down the hind part of their skirt/dress when taking upwards escalator.

However, the sling bag/ backpack can work as a double-edged sword as well..

Many years ago, I chanced upon such view of a female friend. Immediately, I walked up to inform her, only to get a semi-death stare. Duh. Should’ve just let other guys see her exposed butt cheeks..

The person herself

So yesterday, I DIY-ed to a set of leaked nudes from Tumblr.

Just moments ago, I chanced upon the female protagonist herself on the train, barely a metre away!!

Same dark skin tone, hairstyle, black plastic glasses. Although she was wearing a loose tee, can gauge that her boobs size is similar to the one in the nude pics. No doubt, the same gal.

I then intentionally scrolled thru her leaked photos on my phone right in front of her.. lol

Ok, I admit the past paragraph did not happen. 😜

Talk about coincidence. Haha…