We all love a ‘Girl removing clothes’ shot, esp. when she has slender, sexy legs..

Meeting of the Pokies

Pokies pokies

More pokies.

That perfect ASS..

Oh my.. is that body paint or what??

Oops… Think someone needs more fabric down there for her trial-ton suit

Is it what I think it is?

Didn’t know bathing suits is the attire for spinning class.

I see the (sole) male classmate must have enjoyed the training session..

Escalator. Mom in tube-top

Was taking the down riding escalator. On the up riding escalator opposite me was a young mom with a toddler in her arms.

She was clad in a tube top and the small boy was busy fondling her breast. Okay, I guess he was just hungry.

Not sure if the lady is aware, her tube was actually partially pulled down by her toddler son and part of her left breasts is exposed. I’m pretty sure if the boy withdraw his hand, the nipple would see light too.

But alas, I past by her (we were traveling in opposite directions on the escalators) before that moment could happen.