10 Sexual fantasies

Not in order of degree in desire. I type whatever comes to my mind!

1) Taking a naked stroll at a clothing-optional beach, where there are many other nudists (families, couples, old & young) as well.

2) Enjoying an outdoor onsen (japanese hot spring bath) with my wife, together with a few other attractive-looking bathers. All of us nude of course.

3) Mass-orgy with all my ex-crushes. I would most probably have gone ‘sore and dry’ before hitting the last lady. =P

4) Threesome with my 2 favorite net friends – Jesse & Alexis. (although I did turn down Jesse for sex before; contradicting to my desire but my morals won the battle)

5) Back then when 2 female friends tried to pull my swimming trunks off while we were in the pool, me to put on a false struggle and let them succeed. Would be interesting to know what pans out!


6) Truth or Dare / Stripped Poker with a particular group of friends, mixed gender.

7) Skin-dipping with my wife and our cousins in a private pool

8) Invited on stage by a stripper, with no-one I know among the crowd (cuz I would only be able to let myself go wild if I knew there is no acquittance around)

9) Sexual massage / Go to those type of KTV lounges with hostess

10) Sleep with my wife’s cousin. Oops!

* Disclaimer: Above are just fantasies, not all of which to be regarded as goals which I aim to accomplish.

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