A photo a day

A Japanese photographer maintains a website that contains a portfolio which has photos taken of his girlfriend everyday.

The photos are mostly taken in the small 1-bedroom unit which she (and probably himself) resides in; on mundane activities from just waking up in the morning, to having meals or just lazing around.

Occasionally some of the photos contain nudity. I love how the gal appeared nonchalant about being photographed nude and how these photos appear so natural.

Alas, the posting discontinued eventually after a year plus. I can’t help feeling abit of loss..

Love her sweet smile.. 😊Facial after a shower.Masturbating?that cleavage..Sticky sticky tissues Neatly trimmed bush she hasCuz its summer and too hotEnjoying a cold beer after showerShe looked kinda different in this set of lingerie; a mature sexy feelThey actually printed and pinned up nude photos of themselves in the house. Interesting< em>Happy Valentine DayThat thighs..I would have a grade ‘A’ for that hot body, anytime.<<<<<<<<