3 downblouse in 2 days

I rarely have such good fortunes to actually encounter the above view 3 times in just 2 days!

2 of them are young mothers in their early-mid 30s, while the 3rd one is a young girl around 20yo. For two of them, I thought I saw the nip but wasn’t too sure of it.

One of the young mum was casually chatting abit with me; unknown I been stealing glances at her tits.. 😄

And the teenage girl has fair, smooth boobs.

All 3 ladies are A cup though. Not complaining cause their small tits is probably the main reason why I was able to look that ‘deep inside’ their bra. 😜

Awesome downblouse

Saw a down blouse of this level today.

The gal is around mid-20s, wears a white spaghetti top. She was standing and bending forward to fill some form. As the table was rather low, she had to bend quite a lot.

I was actually standing by her side, but I can’t possibly miss out on such a fabulous view. Thus I positioned myself in front of her, tactically of course, in order to have a ‘direct shot’ / view. 😜

Awesome. Black bra. Half of her tits are exposed; C cup size I suppose. However since her boobs are well-cupped by the bra, there was hardly enough gap for her nipples to be seen, even though I had a clear & direct view being just less than a meter away.

Even so, it’s definitely the best downblouse view I encountered in the past couple of months. 😄😄

A baby is a man’s best friend

There are too many instances where I get to see some quality downblouse when ladies bent forward to lift up babies/toddlers.

This can happen during house visits, where some friend/relative bought a baby and the other gals rushed to carry the kid.. Or in malls, where unsuspecting, young mums bend over to attend to their babies/toddlers.. while we, the males look on. Heh


When spouse zaogeng

Guys, do you feel offended when other men are looking at your spouse’s ‘zaogeng’ (wardrobe malfunction)?

Honestly I have mixed feelings about that.
I’m more acceptable if that man is a young, decent-looking chap rather than a middle-aged uncle.
Perhaps because it’s an indication my wife has what it takes to attract young men whom usually tend to be more choosy in taste of women.

Of course it also depends on HOW the man looks at my wife. Lewd eyes are definitely out, and I will swiftly move to block that guy’s view.

It also matters WHAT he’s looking at. Downblouse is fine as long I think my wife’s nipples are covered. Not so acceptable towards upskirt though, whether it’s the frontal or rear panties view.

And yesterday while out with my wife, there were at least 4 occasions where my wife zaogeng (had wardrobe malfunction).

Either showing off her cleavage when she repeatedly bends down; or revealing her panties when she bends forward and thus the back of her short skirt got ‘pulled up’.
Yea.. Don’t ask me why she keeps bending forward that day. lol!