“I’m wearing shorts anyway”

Some girls feel they are very safe (from wardrobe malfunction) as long they are clad in shorts; be it how short the shorts may be, or in what sort of compromising positions they are in.

I’ve always been grateful my wife’s cousin Ivy belongs to this category of girls. 👍🏻👍🏻

Saw a view similar to below during last Sunday relatives gathering. I immediately felt a gush of heat wave running thru my body when I saw that view. 😄

8 thoughts on ““I’m wearing shorts anyway”

  1. Absolutely a spectacular view! Especially when the panties could almost be seen…so near yet so far 😦
    You are one pretty lucky guy when it comes to this kind of things 🙂

    • yes.. I love it when shorts get ‘shrunk’ to a state that it covers no more than a pair of panties!
      Not that lucky every time but I’m appreciative of the accidental treats 🙂

      • It’s so true when you said girls feel safe when they are in shorts as compared to skirts, that they act careless, not knowing about the many ‘loopholes’.

        Few years back, my ex-gf and I visited one of her friends. Her friend was clad in a mini yellow shorts that expose a lot of her very fair thighs. There was once she sat on the floor while we were on the sofa. Her legs were stretched out wide under the coffee table. I presumed she thought the coffee table would cover her up. But the glass top was only lightly tinted and through it, I could see very clearly the exposed frontal part of her white cotton panties. The stitching lining of the panties was so clear.There was a big gap that was popped open on her shorts. I was only three feet away from her. It was heaven. Off and on, I steal 5~6 glances without her knowing 🙂

      • Awesome! I saw something like that a few months back, and enjoyed the view utterly!
        It helps if the shorts is denim; easier to have ‘loopholes’

  2. once inside a mini library there was only this girl and me in there. we were 2 tables apart but i pretend to look for a book nearby her then proceed to take a seat in front of her sideway. i lean down and saw the gap in her legs as she lifted on leg to rest on the chair. there was a hint of gap high up her thighs. i got hard and rubbed myself till i cun and shot in her direction. it drops few inchers from her sandles. omf felt so good.

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