Treat at gathering

Went for a friend’s gathering at a friend’s house. One of the gals, in her mid-20s, was clad in a mini skirt. I was sitting adjacent to her, and she didn’t bother to cover.

White, silky panties. The crotch area looks kinda puffy.. Could it be due to pubic hair? It’s been a long while since I saw some decent upskirt view. 😄

Could have seen a few more times though. But since she’s my friend, I feel abit bad looking too much of her zaogeng (wardrobe malfunction). 😜


Asleep – 2

Fan contributions !! 😁

“my ex-gf’s younger sister sleeping pose when she came over to our place to spend the night. She prefers to sleep in the hall due to watching the big screen TV as she can doze off anytime on the mattress. She was 22 at that time, still in university.

I woke up the next morning and noticed a big gap on her shorts. Her blue panties was clearly visible. I even went up close to her legs and watch this zaogeng view for a while. She was sleeping very soundly then and didn’t know anything. My gf was asleep in the bedroom.”

The 8 Female Wardrobe Malfunctions Every Bro Loves to See (reblogged)

4. The Nipple Slip

Nothing makes a beach outting complete like a wave inducing nipple slip. Just chilling, enjoying the sun… cccCCCCRSHHHHH! <-(wave sound) Nipple! And they can happen anywhere, too. The other day I was at the store looking at some jeans, and one of the female employees went to lay down a pair of jeans right next to me, and BOOM. Nipple! Does she have the right to give me a dirty look for tittyfucking her with my eyes? Absolutely not. She’s the one who decided to buy a bra that was a cup size too big and flash her nipple in my face. I’m only a man.


I personally find the short article quite humorous and witty.. so ya,

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