Underboob bikini girl


Decided to share here as this photo has been circulating so many times, among the few tumblr accounts I been following.

Pretty face, tall & slender figure, and an elegant pose against a nice background. All of these make the photo very visually-appetizing..

What attracted me is actually her underboob exposure. Always great to spot a bikini wardrobe malfunction, be it at the boobs or crotch.

Reminded me of many years back at the beach, when one of my crush had a slight wardrobe malfunction and her underboob were showing.
I enjoyed the view for quite a while and it was captured in one of the group photos too!

Gotta confess that was a fine piece of material for me to jerk off to back then. Lol

Police called in for underboob cosplay

Singapore had an anime convention (Anime Festival Asia) sometime in November. Being an anime fan, I have been attending every year since its inaugural event a few years back. One of the biggest pull factors of the convention is the sheer no. of cosplayers.

Apparently, a cosplayer whom dressed at the character Ryuko Matori, from anime Kill La Kill, displayed underboobs in her battle gear. A lady who was attending a church service in the same convention was offended by what she saw and confronted the young cosplayer. Things gotten abit ugly and police was called in.

Did the lady over-react? Afterall the cosplayer did not expose her nipples, thus not breaking any laws on public indecency. And what makes a underboob exposure any different from a cleavage, other than the fact it is ‘inverted’?? Hahaha…

I love under boobs & side boobs. Perhaps because cleavage is too mainstream. =P

Me was there the day earlier, and not when the incident happened.. so I missed out on this sexy cosplayer. Here are the photos gathered online

ku-xlarge8Q2kBIy124b8479-2861-44a6-b72d-f8c16664e4ed_630onlinescreengrab_hardwarezone_cosplayerku-xlarge (1)I must add her underboobs are really nice – very round and no signs of sagging. Maybe the auntie who complained was plain jealous. Hahaha