Different from her peers

Saw a similar view on the MRT (train) today, but with more flesh shown than above pic..😎

I don’t usually pay attention to secondary school girls (as they are too young). Yet this gal is very pretty and quite tall too.

Obviously with the amount of her thigh exposed, she is different from most of her peers whom always wear shorts underneath their school skirts. 

Too bad, not to the extent of seeing her panties though; hers must had been a really small piece. Heh..

Between the buttons

Was at a company function. A lady in her mid-twenties caught my attention, with her semi-translucent white satin blouse, which allows the outline of her bleach-colored bra to be seen clearly.

The openings of her blouse at the arms positions was quite large too, exposing part of her bra.

I chanced upon the lady again during food reception. She was just slightly ahead of me in the adjacent que for food. As the que advances slowly, I was given many opportunities to take peeks into the ‘holes’ between her blouse buttons.😎

3/4 bra she was clad it. I could see the gap between the bra and her boobs; but alas, just couldn’t make out her nipple despite presented with such views a few times. Probably it may be easier if she is a A-cup instead of a B/C. 😄

Recent visual treats

For some reasons or another, I actually had 3 accidental views of upskirt within a span of a week!

At the library

While at the library, there was this lady in her mid-30s, looking very bored, and sitting on the carpeted floor in the kids reading area. The slim lady was probably too caught up in her daze that she didn’t realised her white panties was so exposed to anyone whom walked by her! 😄

Tourist Selfie

Was at the Gardens by the Bay one evening. Chanced upon a young tourist couple, probably in their early-twenties, taking a selfie. 

Both of them were in a squatting position; cause they wanted to include the bush of flowers in the background. The gal was in a skirt (length till mid-thighs) and tights. Obviously the black tights was of a thin material as her white panties underneath showed up clearly. She was quite pretty too.. 😜

Ivy Sitting low

Was lucky to catch a full frontal upskirt view of my wife’s cousin Ivy. She was clad in a short, tight dress one day at the relatives gathering (after coming straight from some dinner). FYI, Ivy rarely wear skirts. Apparently, she seems to forgot she was in a dress and chose to sit down on a kiddy chair.

As you know, the kiddy chair is very low in height, and due to her short skirt, there was no way her panties couldn’t get exposed! View is similar to the top photo.

White, as usual, her favorite panties color. 😁 I had a good 5-10 sec of the nice view before she suddenly realised she been giving a free show, and got up abruptly. Lol..

 * the type of dress she was wearing then