Swimwear 25

“oh my Fair boobies.”

Figure-wise, my vote goes to the lady on the left

omg.. that side boobs. Her bikini top hardly covered half of her breasts.

Well proportioned

Love a triangular bikini bottom as always.

Some bikini tops look no different from normal bra


What a sweet smile!

For such a hot body, abit of that fats is a small price to pay. Lol

Saffron Sharpe is not a little girl anymore.

Swimwear 22

 Almost dropping off, the bikini bottom is


 Luv that small bikini bottom!

 Like the way she arched her body outwards

 Sizable tits here

 That tight butts!

 Cleavages, cleavages

 Nice angle, great boobies

 That valley makes a good ‘wrap’ πŸ˜‰

 And the warm sunlight shore on the lady’s bosom..

 Devilish figure!

 My fair ladies

Which gal’s figure do you prefer?

 Pretty face, awesome tits