Not all “FBT shorts” are attractive

Saw a teenage girl clad in a pair of FBT shorts; so short that part of her butts is seen.
While there was a high degree of ‘exposure’, the view is not really attractive due to the many scars, rashes on her thick thighs..

My cousins (gals in their 20s) always wear short shorts to the gatherings.
Although the curves of their legs are not of SNSD (Korean pop girls grp) standard, it’s always a pleasure to view those nevertheless.

Being relatively long and no visible scars, cellulite or rashes, I would rate their legs as 7/10 anytime!

I’m grateful for that. =P

Cousins’ temptation

Was at my relative’s place. The cousins were clad in their short shorts as always and I was seated diagonally across them.

As usual, the gals made themselves at home and totally didn’t bother about their sitting postures on the sofa. We aren’t that awfully close you know. Lol.

I know it’s not nice to look but I can’t help stealing a few glances.. =p